Our Visit to Iowa

14 03 2010

We began tossing around the idea of moving abroad in November of 2008.  Jokingly we both said, “If Obama isn’t elected, we should move to another country.”  Luckily (for our country) Obama was elected… but it planted the seed of travel in our minds.

The next summer while walking the dog, I remember Miguel and I discussing how tired we were of our surroundings.  We both wanted change.  We could feel the ever growing itch to explore.  We were having such a good conversation that we ended up walking quite-a-ways; Karma was thrilled.  We discussed our next step.  The whole, “Where do you see us in 5 years?”   Grad. School.  No children (sorry to disappoint).  Maybe owning a house.  Finding our passions.  Traveling.  Fort Collins?  We have always talked about settling down in Fort Collins.  Our love for that part of the state is just too great to ignore.  Then we began asking ourselves… “Am I ready to settle down?”  I think it was unanimous… NO.  We then began coming up with options.  If traveling and grad school are in our plans, we could go to grad school out of state.  That didn’t seem to work out.  With both of us rapidly eliminating states that didn’t interest us, and the prices of out of state tuition, we had to come up with something else.

I think Miguel was the first one to research working abroad.  He had a couple college friends that were currently working out of the country.  When he contacted them, they both mentioned the UNI job fair.  After much research, we had an option that both of us were seriously considering; however, there was a fast approaching deadline of December 15th.  We feverishly wrote pro & con lists, of which several things were mentioned: karma, terminating our lease early, the cat, family, the 4-runner, money, money, and money.  We had a list.  We had no idea what to do from there, so we waited.  We thought about it and thought about it more.  Finally, we decided to ask our parents what they thought.  They were unanimously in favor, and our minds were made up.

After registering for the fair, a ton of responsibilities ensued.  We had to prepare resumes, letters of reference, and letters of intent.  Not to mention, the fair was in Iowa, so we had to prepare plane reservations, hotel accommodations, and a slew of other things.  Money was tight, our stress levels were maxed, and there was no guarantee that we would go anywhere after the job fair.  On February 3rd 2010, Miguel and I left Denver not knowing what our futures held.

We had done an obscene amount of research on all of the schools attending, and we knew that our top two choices were Thailand and Costa Rica.  When we arrived, fate had made up our mind.  Thailand no longer had ANY English positions available.  We focused our attention on Costa Rica’s Country Day School.  The rest is, as they say, history.





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