14 03 2010

Yesterday was an unique day for me.  Vanessa had State Mock Trial and the day was mine for the taking.  After lazily drinking coffee and playing on the computer I went over to the climbing gym where they were having a competition.  Unsurprisingly, I was suckered into helping out so I spent the next couple of hours belaying children.  As terrible as that sounds, I always enjoy the people at the gym!

After that, I spent the rest of the afternoon in Manitou Springs taking pictures.  I figured that this was a great time to practice for the challenge that I have set of myself once we arrive in Costa Rica.  I went over to the Penny Arcade and began taking pictures.  This was a fantastic place to shoot, I only wish that I was better so that way I could tap its full potential! After taking pictures for a while I couldn’t help but give into the temptation of playing.

They have all sorts of games from old games to the newest on the market.  I was fond of one quick draw shooting game but I think this may have been because I wasn’t terrible at it, like most of the others.  I won a good number of tickets and had full intentions of getting one of the cheesy toys for Vanessa but when I went to look at them there was a small boy with his face smooshed up against the glass looking at the toys so I couldn’t help but hand him my handful of tickets.  The smile on his face made my day!





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