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3 04 2010

I enjoyed looking at each picture of your trip. Sharing your time with special friends makes life even more fun. I realize you & Vanessa look forward to outdoor events like this one. Living in Colorado and going out into the high country for several days sure makes you appreciate life in general. I like the landscape of the area. The gear you pack in looks heavy. The yurt isn’t very large and being in close quarters with others does test your friendship but helps build it too. It doesn’t appear to be crowded. The fact that you have heat in the yurt – gives you comfort. I didn’t realize you had a stove or fireplace. There are aspens every where in the pictures. I bet it must be beautiful in the summer & fall. The pretty of the Colorado’s mountains will still be there when you both come back from Costa Rica. The countryside of Costa Rica, I would imagine is just as beautiful but in a different way.

Thanks for sharing & I will look forward to seeing your other adventures in life. I miss you both. I will always love the both of you!!!

Bye from Houston – all is good at NASA.

Keep the faith – Love Dad

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