Surprise Snow Day

23 04 2010

April 23 and it is snowing like crazy!  The weather has ben hectic, as Colorado weather tends to be, but last night we fell asleep listening to rain on the roof and today we woke up to Vanessa’s phone telling us that we had a 2 hour delay because of snow.  I lazily rolled to the side of the bed, stretched out my arm and fumbled to push the blinds to the side to see about 2 inches of snow on the ground!  Within the hour Vanessa’s phone was once again the herald of news, exclaiming that we had a SNOW DAY!  To be honest, I can only imagine that the district is using the snow days that are built into our school year to save money, but I will take it.

Now, for the question that I hate, but will miss while in Costa Rica, what to do on our snow day?  Well, we already slept in until around 10:30…I hate sleeping in that long, but V loves it so it was good time spent with her.  Now, do we drink coffee and sit on the couch?  Good idea.  Do we go to the climbing gym?  I am sure we will at some point, we always do.  Do we go have lunch and a couple drinks?  Maybe.  Really, it doesn’t matter what we do on a day like today because no matter what, Karma is the happiest dog in the world as she stomps around on our bed trying to lay as close to us as possible, we don’t have to work and V and I get to hang out together.



Climbing consumes me

12 04 2010

Just a quick update from this past weekend.  Vanessa and I went down to Newlin Creek to climb.  It was a successful trip, mostly because we were able to get outside and enjoy each other and friends.  There are a couple of climbs down there that often consume my thoughts.  I hope to make it back down sooner rather than later to tick these problems off of my climbing to-do list.

Also, we have been brushing up on taking pictures and I have been playing around with a new editing program on my computer.  Hopefully these skills will come in handy in Costa Rica!

Note: Vanessa took the pictures.  I just admired and messed with them!

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Spring Break comes to an end

6 04 2010

Spring break has come to an end.  It has a been a very enjoyable break, busy but fun.  Since we have been back from the yurt Vanessa and I have stayed busy, me with soccer and Vanessa with various errands.  I wish I had something riveting to post about but unfortunately I don’t.  However, last night there was a climbing competition at the gym, which I helped set for.  I didn’t do too much for this competition as soccer really sucks up my time but I enjoy going and helping where I can.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:

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