Spring Break comes to an end

6 04 2010

Spring break has come to an end.  It has a been a very enjoyable break, busy but fun.  Since we have been back from the yurt Vanessa and I have stayed busy, me with soccer and Vanessa with various errands.  I wish I had something riveting to post about but unfortunately I don’t.  However, last night there was a climbing competition at the gym, which I helped set for.  I didn’t do too much for this competition as soccer really sucks up my time but I enjoy going and helping where I can.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:

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One response

9 04 2010

It is nice to see that you are still enjoying a sport you love. I hope you are able to find a climbing gym in Costa Rica or perhaps start one with the help of a sponsor. However, their culture probably embraces other sports like soccer. For a while, I’m sure the both of you will have other challenges outside of sports. I hope you’re able to find activities that the both of you can have fun doing together.

The human spaceflight program here at NASA is still evolving for the better. Keep the faith – love you both! – Dad

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