Climbing consumes me

12 04 2010

Just a quick update from this past weekend.  Vanessa and I went down to Newlin Creek to climb.  It was a successful trip, mostly because we were able to get outside and enjoy each other and friends.  There are a couple of climbs down there that often consume my thoughts.  I hope to make it back down sooner rather than later to tick these problems off of my climbing to-do list.

Also, we have been brushing up on taking pictures and I have been playing around with a new editing program on my computer.  Hopefully these skills will come in handy in Costa Rica!

Note: Vanessa took the pictures.  I just admired and messed with them!

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One response

13 04 2010

Two things –

1. Although I am not a climber, or a boulder – er? I do indeed want to hag out before you leave – next time you go adventuring, let me know – I will join f possible….

2. Your blog site seems superiour to mine – I like it…

that is all – miss ya man

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