Surprise Snow Day

23 04 2010

April 23 and it is snowing like crazy!  The weather has ben hectic, as Colorado weather tends to be, but last night we fell asleep listening to rain on the roof and today we woke up to Vanessa’s phone telling us that we had a 2 hour delay because of snow.  I lazily rolled to the side of the bed, stretched out my arm and fumbled to push the blinds to the side to see about 2 inches of snow on the ground!  Within the hour Vanessa’s phone was once again the herald of news, exclaiming that we had a SNOW DAY!  To be honest, I can only imagine that the district is using the snow days that are built into our school year to save money, but I will take it.

Now, for the question that I hate, but will miss while in Costa Rica, what to do on our snow day?  Well, we already slept in until around 10:30…I hate sleeping in that long, but V loves it so it was good time spent with her.  Now, do we drink coffee and sit on the couch?  Good idea.  Do we go to the climbing gym?  I am sure we will at some point, we always do.  Do we go have lunch and a couple drinks?  Maybe.  Really, it doesn’t matter what we do on a day like today because no matter what, Karma is the happiest dog in the world as she stomps around on our bed trying to lay as close to us as possible, we don’t have to work and V and I get to hang out together.





2 responses

23 04 2010
Dad "S"

That is totally crazy!! Karma does look like she is lovin’ life. 🙂
Love and miss you both.
Dad “S”

26 04 2010

Hey Miguel and Vanessa,

We heard about the snow in Colorado while we were in Portland. When a like this day comes around it’s nice to be lazy especially when you have no plans for the day. Karma is the luckiest dog in the world with you at home. I sure she loves having you both home whenever things like this happen. Dogs are our human pets. They are happy when we are around them. Knowing Vanessa, she loves to sleep in and just being relaxing. It’s good to know that both of you enjoy life in an effortless way.

It was nice spending time with Raquel and Jason. I enjoyed being with mom and doing different things together. I had the chance to go with Jason and his dad to a Portland Trailblazer play-off game. They won the game and they’re the quarter finals within their division so now they are tied 2-2. I will follow the playoffs to see who ends up in the NBA Finals.

It felt weird flying back to Houston and mom flying back to Colorado however that is the reality for this phase of life. I hope to change our reality in the near future if I can find a job back in Colorado later this year.

Things here a NASA is always interesting. Now that Obama’s Administration has come up with a new vision for future human space flight, things are changing again. It seems to be a way of life so I need to be flexible.

Love you both,


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