Uncertainty, familiarity and what awaits…

26 05 2010

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.”

-Ursula K. LeGuin

I am sitting on a squeaky leather chair, sipping coffee; I have taken the morning off of work to do a final walk through on our now abandoned house.  I can’t help but continually look out the window at the bright blue sky and all of the familiarity that bustles about under it and think how much different life will be in just two months.

School is out in two days, we have just finished moving to my parents house, and my imagination of what awaits us is beginning to run rampant!  The uncertainty ahead is eminent and I continually toggle between excitement and terror.  We are approaching the point of no return, if we haven’t already passed it.  There are so many things that are running through my head and heart that I feel like a kid in a room full of bubbles frantically trying to catch one, but the moment I grasp it, it is gone and I am off trying to catch another.  My goal over the next couple of weeks is to make myself slow down, breathe and enjoy the “bubbles” instead of catching them.

The first step in our move is now a footprint and I think we are gaining speed…good thing for us Costa Rica is the destination and nobody moves fast down there.



Things never slow down

18 05 2010

Life continues to fly by!  This past weekend Vanessa and I spent the majority of the weekend in boulder.  We took friday off of school and spend the morning packing up some of the house.  In the afternoon we took the anticipatory drive to The Spot climbing gym in boulder.  Both of us had decided we were going to compete the competition there called “The Battle in the Bubble”.

Vanessa entered beginner, as that is what she has always done but quickly found out that she was she was going to end up being the girl everyone hated because the climbs were to easy for her and she was completing all the climbs first try.  So, she made a big decision in her climbing career and bumped herself up to intermediate!  This is a gigantic step in climbing.  It was great to see her push her limits.  She didn’t just stick to the intermediate climbs either, numerous times she would dig her fingertips into the plastic holds and pulled on as hard as she could while she did battle with advanced climbs!  Not only did she do well in intermediate, she took 2nd place!  In intermediate!  I know I say this a lot but I am super proud of her.

For me this was a very interesting competition.  I have been climbing well lately but during this comp amateur climbers had the opportunity to climb with the pros if they did well enough in the Citizen Comp.  However, to have this opportunity you had to pay $75 instead of $30 for the “normal” competition.  I defiantly had an internal battle because, I mean, what an opportunity; but on the other hand, I know I am not good enough to climb at that level.  We have a friend, Austin, who is, and I can not even get close to climbing at his level…so I decided to enter the “normal” comp.  I entered Advanced.  There is one level above Advanced called Open (that’s the pro level).  During the competition, I felt like I climbed well completing a couple of Open problems and most of the harder Advanced problems.  By the end of the night I was happy with how I climbed but exhausted.

All the while, Austin was competing to climb with the pros.  Just about everyone knows that he is good enough but we had to wait until around 10:30 Friday night to see if he would move on to the Semi-finals the next day.  We checked the scores promptly and sure enough, he did…but the biggest surprise was that MY name was on the list to compete.  As it turns out they were short some climbers that wanted to pay the big bucks and I (surprisingly) won advanced so they put me in!  I have never competed at that level and needless to say my stomach flipped at the sight of my name.  But after a couple of encouraging words from our friend Alex and Vanessa, I decided I would give it a shot and drifted off to sleep dreaming of plastic climbing holds.

The next day I was to climb at 9:4o but had to show up at 9 so that way I could be put in Isolation.  During this portion of the competition there are 5 climbs but you are only allowed 4 minutes to figure it out and climb it.  After those 4 minutes you have a 4 minute rest and then have to climb the next problem.  The tricky part is, you are not allowed to look at the climbs until your 4 minutes start!  Talk about pressure!  In the end, I didn’t complete a single Simi-Final climb but I feel like it was an experience that was totally worth it.  I ended up placing 23 out of 25… so I didn’t get last, which was my goal, since I never imagined being in this position to start with.

That night finals were held outside at the Boulder reservoir, Austin made it, so we stuck around to check it out.  It was a HUGE event, with hundreds of people in attendance.  We got VIP passes so we got great seats to watch the action.  Austin ended up placing 5th over all and the climbing was at such a high level I find that words are difficult to explain it.  So hopefully the pictures will do it justice!  Some of them are sequences…so enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a great weekend.  Vanessa and I both pushed our limits with climbing and I think we both came out better on the other end.  We are packing up the house this week with intentions of moving everything over to my mom’s house on Saturday.  Time seems to continue to fly…


three quick notes

9 05 2010

It really seems like just yesterday that I posted but I guess it have been a couple of weeks.  I guess that goes to show how life feels lately.

My soccer season has ended and with just the banquet left.  I once read a quote about coaching that said: “If the only thing I teach my players is how to play the game then I have failed them”.  I think that although the season didn’t play out as I would have liked, with more losses than wins, I can honestly say I don’t think I failed the girls!  I will really miss coaching them, even though they test me, they always have a way of making me smile.  I have also built great relationships with the other coaches and will miss seeing them every day…

The school year is also quickly wrapping up.  In this case, the sooner the better!  Everything at work seems to be changing and from my standpoint, not for the better!  I love what Skyview has done for me and V but it seems like we are moving on at just the right time.

Finally, climbing.  Vanessa and I have been climbing like crazy lately and yesterday V took 3rd place in a climbing competition!  I am really proud of her.  She has been working really hard and it is paying off…she even got a shirt out of the deal.  Next weekend, we will both be competing in a big competition in Boulder called the Battle in the Bubble.  It is going to be awesome and our friend Austin is going to be competing to climb with the “pros”.  I can only imagine that he will succeed, he is pretty good at rock climbing.  Here is a link to the competition page:

Battle in the bubble

Check out the video at the bottom.  It is my favorite.  Also along the lines of climbing videos.  I went down to Texas this Winter Break and climbed for just over a week.  Austin made a pretty cool video of our trip.  Check it out too!

Hueco video

Let me know what you think.


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