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9 05 2010

It really seems like just yesterday that I posted but I guess it have been a couple of weeks.  I guess that goes to show how life feels lately.

My soccer season has ended and with just the banquet left.  I once read a quote about coaching that said: “If the only thing I teach my players is how to play the game then I have failed them”.  I think that although the season didn’t play out as I would have liked, with more losses than wins, I can honestly say I don’t think I failed the girls!  I will really miss coaching them, even though they test me, they always have a way of making me smile.  I have also built great relationships with the other coaches and will miss seeing them every day…

The school year is also quickly wrapping up.  In this case, the sooner the better!  Everything at work seems to be changing and from my standpoint, not for the better!  I love what Skyview has done for me and V but it seems like we are moving on at just the right time.

Finally, climbing.  Vanessa and I have been climbing like crazy lately and yesterday V took 3rd place in a climbing competition!  I am really proud of her.  She has been working really hard and it is paying off…she even got a shirt out of the deal.  Next weekend, we will both be competing in a big competition in Boulder called the Battle in the Bubble.  It is going to be awesome and our friend Austin is going to be competing to climb with the “pros”.  I can only imagine that he will succeed, he is pretty good at rock climbing.  Here is a link to the competition page:

Battle in the bubble

Check out the video at the bottom.  It is my favorite.  Also along the lines of climbing videos.  I went down to Texas this Winter Break and climbed for just over a week.  Austin made a pretty cool video of our trip.  Check it out too!

Hueco video

Let me know what you think.





2 responses

9 05 2010
Dad "S"

Dude!! You all are way extreme!

15 05 2010

It is always a pleasure reading about your life events with “V”.

I realize that your soccer season was a challenge however you seem to capitalize on the experience which adds to your character. I’m sure V has similar feelings about her softball team which builds her character, also.

Realizing the reality of leaving your jobs and lifestyle, I would think the spirituality of life provides a different perceptive about events around you both. You see and feel differently about each other and potential opportunities – all for the better. You both are going to be discovering and living in a whole new world. I have saved this quotation for years and I want to share it with you both “Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove God’s faithfulness”. I refer to this quotation because of it helps me cope with different stages of life so I hope you will remember it from time to time.

Your climbing effort seems to be paying off which is great. It sounds like you have made some great friends. I’m sure they will still be around when you both come back from Costa Rica. Remember to send them postcards!

Love you both,


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