Uncertainty, familiarity and what awaits…

26 05 2010

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.”

-Ursula K. LeGuin

I am sitting on a squeaky leather chair, sipping coffee; I have taken the morning off of work to do a final walk through on our now abandoned house.  I can’t help but continually look out the window at the bright blue sky and all of the familiarity that bustles about under it and think how much different life will be in just two months.

School is out in two days, we have just finished moving to my parents house, and my imagination of what awaits us is beginning to run rampant!  The uncertainty ahead is eminent and I continually toggle between excitement and terror.  We are approaching the point of no return, if we haven’t already passed it.  There are so many things that are running through my head and heart that I feel like a kid in a room full of bubbles frantically trying to catch one, but the moment I grasp it, it is gone and I am off trying to catch another.  My goal over the next couple of weeks is to make myself slow down, breathe and enjoy the “bubbles” instead of catching them.

The first step in our move is now a footprint and I think we are gaining speed…good thing for us Costa Rica is the destination and nobody moves fast down there.





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26 05 2010
Dad "S"

Absolutely enjoy reading your thoughts that are captured and shared with all of us, seems that I am learning more and more with each post you put on here the type of Man my Daughter married and loves completely and openly. I know this because I can see it in her eyes when you too are together.
You both are in such a exciting portion of your life!!

Dad “S”

26 05 2010
Mom Stevens

I know this change must be frightening at some level. Change is always uncomfortable and a bit painful at times…a lot like building muscles. You have to break through that comfortable wall to let the “new” in. This journey may not always be perfect or provide all of the conveniences that you have in the US but you two are about to experience something that many spend their lives only dreaming of and others wouldn’t do because they’re unable to endure the change. Embrace this for what it is – a once in a lifetime opportunity. Immerse yourselves in the Costa Rican culture and norms and, when you do come home, you’ll cherish that time and appreciate life & family so much more.

However…Be vigilant too! Be aware of your surroundings, stay safe, and remember we love you.

26 05 2010

The feelings you and Vanessa are having is totally natural and exciting. As parents, we understand and wish you both the best in your new life ahead. Your footprints of life are embedded in our hearts and our being. Once a parent always a parent – forever knowing lovely families like ours will be connected by God’s DNA of love – no matter where life takes us. In a short amount of time, you have shown us – the confidence you have in your relationship, the trust you have in each other, and the love for each other, wow!

I will look forward to seeing you both when I come back to Colorado this weekend and spending time with you. I know that mom will make the best of our moments together.

Keep the faith!

Love – Dad

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