Meadow Grass Music… summer is here!

2 06 2010

The last day of school was rough.  We said our good byes.  We turned off our classroom lights, locked the doors, and turned in our keys.  How bitter sweet it is to say good bye to a place that has been so instrumental in our careers and helping us grow into the teachers we are now. It was sad, and we cried.  But we have chosen this path and we knew the sacrifices we would have to make.  I keep going back to how lucky we are that we have each other.  We can rely on one another and what ever challenge we face, we face together.  How awesome is that!?  And as sad as it is to say good bye to friends and memories, I am super excited to experience something new and unknown!  What a better way to celebrate this huge life change we are making, than by going to a festival… Let me explain:

My summer job (Laforet Conference and Retreat Center) hosts a Blue Grass music festival every Memorial Day weekend.  This means Miguel and I get in free, and we took advantage this year.  I had to work the gates for a little while in the morning, but other than that, we had the day to enjoy.  It was sunny, the music was fantastic, and friends were tons of fun!  Take a look!


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One response

3 06 2010
Dad "S"

How come you weren’t up on stage? You could have been the Colorado Idol!! You would have gotten votes from me until my phone buttons fell off. LOL!!

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