Mid West Summer

29 06 2010

I haven’t lived with my parents for almost 9 years now.  Sure, I had my things there during college, I stayed there during holidays, but something changes when you go away to start your own life.  It takes awhile to adjust when you come home.  It takes awhile to remember the way you use to do things, or more importantly, the way THEY do things.  Where did mom put the glasses?  Where is Dad’s camo-tape?  Nikki is getting married!  Man, Cj is growing like crazy!  (Haha!)  But every time I go home I am able to appreciate more and more what amazing people my family consists of.  And, wonderfully, the hole that is in my heart when I am away, is filled when I go home.

I love my family, and to be honest, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are, home is not a place (even though Illinois is growing on me), it’s the comfort of being around people who know you and accept you no matter what.   I miss the little things mostly: I miss the sheets, the dinners, picking on my brother at strange hours of the night, Nikki’s cute accent and refreshing honesty, dinner and cards with Dad, running random errands with Mom, the familiar banter that ensues when Dad asks Mom questions about politics, religion, or science (or anything she has read about, usually).  These seem like such silly things when I type them out, but they are so precious to me.  I love my family and I am so proud of every one of them.

Needless to say, my visit back home was fantastic, and I miss them already…                                  -V

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2 responses

29 06 2010
Mom Stevens

Oh my! You have the uncanny ability to make me cry…
You’ve only been gone a week and I miss you so much already that it feels like a lifetime. I love you honey. Mom

30 06 2010
Dad "S"

The pictures are awesome!! I miss you already and please always stay safe for me no matter where you are.
I love you

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