Beauty in Crested Butte

13 07 2010

Mountains.  I am going to miss the mountains terribly while away.  Lucky for V and I our friends Ben and Kira got married this last weekend in Crested Butte, an absolutely breath-taking mountain town.  This gave us more than enough reason to make one last get away to the mountains before we go.  We left Colorado Springs early on Wednesday so we could arrive in CB with enough time to catch the World Cup game.  This drive is one of Vanessa’s favorites!  Every time we work our way up past Woodland Park and toward Buena Vista I am guaranteed a to look over at V and see her wonderful smile as when we  hit just the right turn and all of the mountains move behind us and a wonderful valley appears with dear, elk, cows and flowers catching your eye, as we race toward even larger mountains.

It had been ages since I had been to Crested Butte and Vanessa had never been.  We were joined by our friends Katie and Marcus (their first time also).  I don’t think any of us were ready for the magnificence that Crested Butte had awaiting.  It is set the an amazing valley, mountains surround ever side, close enough that you feel like you can take a couple of steps, jump and land on the top.  The wildflowers were everywhere, colors so vibrant the seemed fake, and locals so friendly and trusting the must have come from a book.

After the soccer game we went to our condo, wich was perfect for the 4 of us and then met with Ben, Kira and their entire family.  We spent that evening going on a scavenger hunt around CB.  I don’t know that I have laughed that hard in a long time!  Pictures were taken but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I don’t have any copies!

After a long night of having drinks and playing games, I awoke with a bit of a headache but pulled it together and we spent the afternoon going climbing right at the base of Mt. Crested Butte.

***I am working on trying to figure out how to put two slideshows in the post but for now all the pictures are combined.  Not ideal but it will work for now***

That evening the guys and girls went separate ways for the bachelor and bachelorette parties…fun, fun time!  The sky was clear and the stars were blindingly bright. The night began with the guys at nice steakhouse in town, followed by short stop at a local brewery and finally we met up with the ladies at a karaoke bar.  On the opposite side the ladies venture to Pita’s in Paradise, a great restaurant, followed by cocktails at a nice bar and they beat us to the singing!

Again, waking up feeling not so spectacular we spent a second day at the rocks, this time joined with the groom, Ben and Uncle Kent.  It was a great time to be outside but time was tight and we quickly headed out and back.  We spent that evening at a local pizza place for the rehearsal dinner and open bar.  As the previous two nights were a bit crazy we all took it easy after filling our bellies.

Finally, the wedding day had arrived.  Vanessa and I had a fantastic memory foam bed to sleep on and the only working TV in the condo so, Marcus and Katie did their best to find a spot on the bed and we watched the 3rd place World Cup game.  When that concluded we all rushed around to make sure we looked our best for the evening that awaited.  The weather, though a bit ominous early, cleared and the sun was out!  The wedding was AMAZING,  the only wedding that I have been to that was better was my own.  It was set in a garden with picturesque mountains in the background and surrounded with family and friends that couldn’t be happier.  Dinner was great, dancing was fun and laughs could be heard echoing around CB!  It made me so thankful for the wonderful family that we were lucky enough to spend out wedding day with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that we are back, V and I are scrambling to savor what we have left while plugging away at wrapping up final work visa details and putting final touches on everything we can think of.





2 responses

13 07 2010
Dad "S"

Wow, the pictures of the landscape are amazing! You both look great, miss you both so much!

14 07 2010
Mom Stevens

Kids – you two look so beautiful and the wedding looks amazing. Love the post.

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