“I raise my glass to symmetry, to the second hand and its accuracy”

21 07 2010

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Another year has come and gone.  I am 26.  Whoa!  25 was the year I felt age catch up.  I felt panic at getting old, I felt stagnant in my job and location, and I felt my wardrobe changing (probably for the better).  25 was hard and I can’t really explain why.  I guess it was hard because of all the things it could have been, and wasn’t.  But this year… 26… this is going to be better.  Friends keep you younger, and Miguel and I have fantastic friends (new and old).  I am changing jobs and locations.  I am challenging myself in new ways.  I’m writing… I can feel the poems bubbling inside of me.  I have very little material possessions: books, computer, and clothes… and I am, now more than ever, alive.

So, here’s to the new year.  I’m ready for anything, including wrinkles!  Thank you everyone for your love and well wishes on my birthday.    -V




2 responses

29 07 2010
Mom Stevens

Vanessa, I am so proud of all that you’ve become and love you so much – more and more every day.

29 07 2010

thanks momma! we got the cellphone box yesterday. when are you calling me?

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