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2 08 2010

I am quickly finding that blogging is not exactly as easy as I was hoping it would be.  Don’t get me wrong, I really truly enjoy doing it but it does take time.  As my mother has found out this summer, Vanessa and I are always on our computers and I find myself being irritated when the blogs I read are not updated regularly, SO, one of my many goals while being away is to update at least once a week.  I am still going to try to take a picture every day but realistically I am not going to get those up every day, so…once a week it is!

Now, for one of the most important events that occurred this summer.


It was July 23rd.  Family had trickled their way in leading up the Friday.  My entire immediate family hadn’t been together since Christmas, and for me, that is kind of a long time (which is going to make the move that much more challenging for me).  Renee, the younger of my two older sisters, was the one to be wed and she had asked me: “Miguel, since you have the nicest camera, will you take the pictures of our wedding”.  Now, I understand the logic behind her realizing that I do own a decent camera, but I am not sure what led her to believe that I knew how to use it.  However, with nerves already taking hold, I agreed.

That Friday was nice.  Vanessa and I awoke to the bustle of the family banging around pots and the gurgle of the coffee pot in the kitchen.  We rolled  over Karma and out of bed and joined the family around the table to talk and have a little breakfast.  Discussions around the kitchen table are some of my favorite times.  Topics usually range from family memories to politics to aliens, you just never know where the words will lead us.  Anyway, after talking about who knows what and realizing that time was running short everyone scrambled in their own direction and we reconvened in the living room around 11ish.  We  made it down the the courthouse to scope out picture taking spots and leave adequate time to get inside.

Before we arrived downtown I had asked Jason, my brother in-law, to help me take pictures.  So when we arrived my dad, Jason, and I walked around a bit to see if we could find any appropriate locations.  Lucky for us as we meandered across the street we found a good number near the “old courthouse”.  With my mind calmed just a bit, having a couple locations to take pictures at, we worked our way back to the “new courthouse” to meet up with all 17 people that would be in attendance.

The ceremony was short, sweet and great.  I felt that it was relaxing for everyone as they took their places in the jurors box to watch.  The judge was comical and friendly, which was a relief.  Here a a couple pictures of the ceremony and in the court house:

After that we headed across the street to the places that we had checked out.  We spent the next hour or so taking pictures.  I quickly found out that my assistant, Jason, turned over the reigns to Vanessa.  With her help and lots of luck the pictures turned out ok. I was pleased with how the pictures turned out but even more glad that the majority of picture taking was over with.   I can’t say that I would ever want to be a wedding photographer.  I just hope that Renee and Ryan actually think they are good.  Anyway, thats what she gets for asking to use the “nice camera”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After pictures both families enjoyed a fantastic dinner at The Warehouse.  Dinner was great and conversation was even better.  After dinner Renee and Ryan’s friends seemed to come in clumps for drinks.  It was great to look around and see my sister so happy and look at my family all together one last time before the move.





3 responses

2 08 2010
Dad "S"

Great picture taking Miguel!! I’m thinking that you’re hired for Nikki’s wedding! LOL!! jk. Tell my girl Dad said Hi!

Love you Both
Dad “S”

2 08 2010
Kira Pasquesi

Beautiful pics and narration, Miguel! I’m actually looking forward to reading your blog…and I never get excited about these damn things!

10 08 2010
Renee G Orness

I love the pictures brother! We are so thankful you did a amazing job! Love you

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