The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye.

2 08 2010

We are extremely blessed for amazing friends.  While I know that this adventure is something we need to do, as in, it is something Miguel and I have promised to ourselves; it’s a life altering experience.  Somehow, I can’t help but feel sad.  Sad to leave behind such amazing people.  Sad because I know things won’t be the same as they were this summer.  And I have to say, this summer was phenomenal.  While I hate to come across whiny or ungrateful, it has to be said… it is a bitter-sweet choice we have made.  It seems that today will be mostly bitter as we will have family and friends stopping by and calling through the day to say their good byes.  And I know I will see each of them again, so it’s not really a forever-goodbye, but it is a good bye in the sense that we will never be together again… like this.  So young, so adventurous, and so close by.  I will definitely miss them all.

Below are some pictures of friends from college, and some are from a recent going away party a.k.a. “Gonzali Fiesta de Adios”

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2 08 2010

I cannot wait to follow your blog and live vicariously through you two! Bitter-sweet is true, but life is what we make of it, and I am pumped for you both to start this new adventure! Horn up… and wherever you roll, roll hard.

2 08 2010
Dad "S"

I’m so excited for you both, wish I could go and help you get your apt/house setup, then that way you and Miguel could go right to work getting settled in your new jobs. You know how your Dad is a handyman as long as the cerveza is kept stocked in the refrigerador!! 🙂

If either of you blog….Dad “S” will respond.

I love you both
Das “S”

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