MOPT aka How to waste an entire day of your life.

9 08 2010

On the schedule for last Thursday was the MOPT (the Costa Rican DMV) in the morning, lunch, setting up banking accounts, and signing our leases. Pretty basic day, but somehow we managed to only accomplish one of those tasks, and it wasn’t lunch.  hmmm…

The argument for getting a Costa Rican drivers license:  being able to drive after your 90 day tourist visa expires and your US driver’s license is no longer valid, renting a car for a long weekend to the beach, being able to leave you passport at home when you walk out of the house.

The argument against getting a Costa Rican drivers license:  The MOPT… there has to be a really nasty acronym somewhere in there.

6 and a half hours in a line that never moves, a blood test, a physical exam, and a grumpy old man who hates gringos… that’s my right of passage.  It’s over with.  We made out better than others.  Some people in our group came out with some funny looking ID’s because the grumpy old man wouldn’t let them smile and some didn’t even get an ID, because it closes at 11!

Here is what we have to show for it.

It’s over with, and in the event I die driving/walking in Costa Rica, at least they know I’m O+  Let’s take a minute to appreciate our beloved United States DMV for a moment!  Ha!





One response

10 08 2010
Mom Stevens

MOPT – How about “Mother of…” Oh, wait. This is public!! JK 🙂
Love you!

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