1st Trip to the Farmers Market

11 08 2010

Now that we are official, having our drivers license and all, it was time for us to take another step toward becoming a Tico (thats what Costa Rican’s are called).  We needed to find a place to buy food.  This sounds like a simple task; at home I knew all the grocery stores, which ones are expensive, which ones aren’t and where to go to buy what.  Here…not so much.

I think Vanessa and I asked 15 different people about where they do their shopping and where that place is.  We discovered that there are a couple main options:  Hipermas-this is basically Walmart and I hated it the moment we walked in last time;  Auto Mercado- The “nice” store that has everything they have in the States but more expensive; Mas X Menos- a middle of the road place; Pali- the cheap one; and then there are the farmer’s markets: one on Saturday morning and an organic market on Wednesday mornings.

We decided that we would go to the Saturday farmer’s market with Brandon and Andrea.  We had heard that in order to get the good stuff you had to rise early.  So, we got up just after 5.  I sleepily got dressed and trudged the 6 or so blocks to the church, where the market is held.  The sun was just coming over the tin roofs around us and a group of kids were already in the middle of a heated soccer game on the asfault field.

We separated  from Brandon and Andrea in an attempt to conquer the market.  It stretched down a side street for about two blocks.  Vendors anxiously awaiting you on both sides, small children raced from one side to the next with huge smiles on their face, small dogs enjoyed laying on the warming sidewalks and Vanessa and I stood.  We stood for a moment, tried to take it all in and then looked at each other, hastily agreed that we needed to make list (something that we really should have done before, but stupidly didn’t) and then walked up to our first booth to buy some potatoes…

While walking up and down the block looking for our treasures the booths were packed.  There was: squash, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, avocado’s the size of a small cat, apples, oranges, pineapple, banana, mango, garlic, spices, meat, cheese, spiky looking fruits that when put in the mouth were the texture of squid, rice, beans, plants, clothes, one place making mouth watering bread and cheese things, and so many things that I didn’t know the name of.

By the end Vanessa and I had a nice bag full of all the produce we would need for the week, plus some.  We sauntered home with smiles on our faces, chatting about where we were going to buy the rest of our food…





6 responses

11 08 2010
Dad "S"

The pictures remind me so much of when I was in Panama 1989-90. Penny would go crazy at that market, all the food looks so fresh!

Dad “S”

11 08 2010
Mom Stevens

Don’t act like you know me “Dad S” 🙂

11 08 2010

How much were the avacados (in $American). It’s going to make our Farmer’s Market look little, when we go this weekend to buy corn and tormatoes to freeze.

12 08 2010
Grandma Liz

oh my gosh, it’s beautiful and to think i was worried about you both on this journey. I want to know when is the best time for me to arrive. The market is unbelieveable. The house looks great and I wish i was a fly on the wall when you went shopping at the walmart store. The expresions I m sure were priceless. Keep the pictures coming !! love Grandma

12 08 2010

So glad there is a farmer’s market – I know how Miguel is with supermarkets 🙂

Everything looks amazing – I am requesting a picture of the cat-sized avocado, por favor!

12 08 2010

We will try to find the cat-sized avocados this Saturday. No promises though! Also, I will figure out how much the avocados were… they say such high numbers so quickly, I usually just end up handing over the highest bill I have!

Grandma- This is the rainy season. So, everyday it rains at about 1 in the afternoon for an hour or so. The mornings are fantastic though. The mountains are green and the clouds come right over them, it’s awesome. That’s the next picture! It is most beautiful in December, or so I have heard. No rain. Just sunshine!

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