12 08 2010

Miguel has nightmares, always has.  But last night, he took his nightmares to another level.  When I woke up, Miguel was sitting over me and he had a crazy look in his eyes.

For the unaware reader, let me explain a little.  This is all common procedure in our routine of Miguel’s nightmares.  He wakes up with crazy eyes and is ready to run.  I tell him to calm down, tell him he’s just dreaming, and hope he is coherent enough to listen.  Sometimes he will argue and say something like, “No, it’s there!  It’s real!”  or “LET GO OF ME!!”.  Once I turn on the lights and prove to him that he’s dreaming, he will fall back asleep.

Last night, Miguel was convinced there was a spider on my head.  His way of ridding said spider was to hit me with his pillow repeatedly. And as he’s sitting over me with crazy eyes, pillow clutched in hand, I said in my best negotiator-type voice, “You’re just dreaming.  There isn’t a spider on my head.  Look…”  and then, “WHAM, WHAM”, he hit me right in the face with the pillow!  TWICE!  He then said,”No! It’s there!”   My immediate reaction probably didn’t have the most calming effect, but I think I said something like, “WHAT THE HELL!  Stop it!  You’re having a bad dream, you freak!”  Miguel then said, “No!  It’s a HUGE spider on your head.  Don’t move!”   I quickly checked to make sure there wasn’t, and after I turned on the lights and he realized he was hallucinating, we laughed and laughed at how silly the whole thing was, and went back to bed.  I’m really lucky he chose to use only a pillow!  Silly husband.  




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13 08 2010
Dad "S"

OMG!! That is friggin’ hilarious!!! I am at work laughing at my desk with tears in my eyes getting strange looks from my co-workers. All I can get out of my mouth is ‘my kids’.

Dad “S”

13 08 2010

You two are bringing so much joy into our lives by posting your daily events, thank you! Miguel gets those nightmare sessions from Carol. I have survived them without any blood on the floor or harmful situations. You know him better than anyone now so just ride them through. I’m sure each visit to the street market will be a challenge – take pleasure in it!


13 08 2010

I’ll be sure to pass this story on at lunch on Monday!

13 08 2010

Ok, that one made me laugh so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe….

13 08 2010

OMG, I laughed out loud. Dad has never had a black eye but……. Look there’s a spider, snake, etc…

13 08 2010
Reflections on the past two weeks. A.K.A. Don’t worry Mom, I’m figuring things out! « Run Through These Streets

[…] -Miguel still has nightmares, even in Costa Rica.  They’re just about spiders now instead of Voldemort. Funny story. […]

14 08 2010

she is just lucky I saved her life from the huge spider!

15 08 2010

Too funny. I never would have guessed. Miguel always seemed so layed back 🙂 Maybe that was because he beat the hell out of you at night. 🙂

16 08 2010
Guy McPherson

Maybe separate bedrooms are in order! Might want to keep the kitchen knives under lock and key.

25 08 2010
Renee G Orness

Oh this just made my day! That is sooooo funny! love you both

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