Reflections on the past two weeks. A.K.A. Don’t worry Mom, I’m figuring things out!

13 08 2010

There are a few things we have learned in our short time here that may seem strange and incredibly simple, but to us, they have been pretty big lessons and may be a little funny:

– Pedestrians DO NOT have the right-of-way!  The leading cause of death in Costa Rica is pedestrian vs. car accidents.  Costa Ricans drive like crack heads on their way to their next fix.  You will be honked at for getting in their way, crossing the street at an awkward time, thinking about crossing, or even breathing in their path.  Red lights, stop signs, broken turn signals, dogs, babies, etc. none of these things are taken into consideration when driving.  I think Miguel and I have waited for about 3 minutes at one intersection alone, just trying to time traffic correctly and not get run over.  It’s pretty fun if you think of it as a crazy game of Frogger.  Only, when you lose, you’re dead.

-Geckos can climb on ceilings.  When you try to cover them with one of your cereal bowls to take it outside, they run like crazy and hide.  They also eat bugs… that’s good.  Just keep telling yourself that.

-You can’t flush toilet paper.  uhhhhh…. yeah.

-Staring, hooting, whistling, and telling American girls you love them is not frowned upon.  Even if they are dressed conservatively or give you looks that could melt your face when you do it.

-If you leave IT out, or even near “out”, the ants will find it.  We keep everything in air tight containers.  It’s working well, so far.

-Bus drivers will give you change if you over pay, but you have to cross a line, and then they will slide it to you through a little crack in the plexi-glass.  If you don’t cross that line, they yell at you and get cranky!  Bus drivers, oddly enough, don’t really need a reason to be cranky.

-No one really has an address… ours is something like: Quinientos Metres Este de La Centro Commercial el Oriente.

-When telling a cab driver how to get to your house, make sure you say the correct address.  500 yards vs. 105 yards from the Centro Commercial el Oriente is a pretty big difference and when they drive by looking ahead unaware of you sitting outside of your gate waiting for them, you will feel like a dumb ass.

-Don’t say hello back to old weird looking men.  They only want money, and you don’t have any.

-Sunday mornings are the best days to run.  No cars.  No people.  Just random strays and an open street.  It’s very beautiful.

-Cabs are a must for any return trip from the grocery store.  Carrying a 12 pack of beer on the bus is just awkward.

-Don’t ever worry about your safety at home.  In addition to being in a gated community, having a 1200 volt electric fence around the property, and having an incredible alarm system, Jorge (the landlord) is always packing his 9 millimeter.  He’s also in a motorcycle club.  Bottom line, Jorge is bad ass.

-That call button at the front gate.  You know, the one you press to get someone to buzz you in… Well, even though you are in building #2… that button goes to someone who speaks Spanish.  You don’t speak Spanish, and no, “No gracias” is not the correct thing to say in that situation, neither is running as fast as you can to your house in hopes they won’t see you.

-That green stuff on the cement sidewalk are patches of moss.  You may step on it and your feet may or may not slide right out from under you.  Depends on your shoes, and your level of coordination.  Your odds of slipping and falling are increased if there are lots of people around.

-Big nice looking restaurants are just that.  Although you are in a Central American country, you will still pay ridiculous prices for a ridiculously nice place.

-Peanut butter and Wheat Thins are a thing of the past.  A small jar of PB is $8, and Wheat Thins are $12.  Sad day, but I’d rather go cool places than be a high maintenance grocery shopper.

-Cas is goooooood.  Fruit juice in general is the best drink you can find.

-Don’t let your feelings get hurt when your Spanish tutor puts you in the low class.  At least your husband/wife is with you.  I guess.

-Miguel still has nightmares, even in Costa Rica.  They’re just about spiders now instead of Voldemort. Funny story.

-Guys that work at the DMV think Americans are the cause of devastation around the world.  Just sit and listen to them rant, eventually  they will realize you understand only a third of the crap they are saying and just give you your damn drivers license.

-Just because your bed is King sized doesn’t mean it’s comfortable.

-Walking everyday is good for you.  It builds character and sharpens your ninja skills.




3 responses

15 08 2010
Dad "S"

Love it!!! You are so creative when you write honey, and funny as hell!! LMAO!!

Did you guys get a scooter?? And a cat? 🙂

Dad “S”

16 08 2010
Guy McPherson

This was great fun to read. You’ll be locals in no time!!

17 08 2010

These are awesome… everytime either of you post I stop what Im doing to read them… actually got me in trouble the other day cause I was preparing an epidural… anyways I just wanted to say I enjoy them! Glad to see you enjoy it there!


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