New Again- It’s a tough life

23 08 2010

The first week of school is always a hectic time.  It has been an interesting experience going from being the teachers that knew the ins and outs of how the school works to being the people that don’t even know what to do if there is a fire drill…or earthquake.

Both Vanessa and I have also had to make a change in how we work.  For as long as we have taught we have always planned for 55 minute classes, we now have 1.5 hour classes.  On top of that, we have always taught reading and writing together, here we teach both but separately.  Change is difficult!  I was ready to get through the week and start toward normality.

As far as that kids go…Mine are great.  They are extremely polite and do what they are asked.  It was interesting, the first day I passed out letters to take home for their parents to sign and I had a number of them respond saying “my parents are gone, my maid is taking care of me this month, can they sign it?”  What could I do but smile slightly, shrug and say “sure”.

Also, with the start of the new school year, Vanessa and I started ours as students at the local Spanish school.  The classes have been great so far and things are falling into place.

This weekend we went to a small town/village/bunch of small buildings on the Caribbean coast called Cahuita.  It was amazing to go relax and reaffirm our decision to move to Costa Rica…Blog to follow…with lots of pictures.





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23 08 2010

So you’re saying they don’t stare at your boobs like V’s class?

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