Viva Saprissa!

30 08 2010

Ultra Morado-Monstruo Morado-Deportivo Saprissa!

Our adventures this week lead us to Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Ayama to watch Saprissa take on Las Brujas.

I have always been a big soccer fan so it has been great being in a country that loves it so much.  It seems like every time I turn on the TV, all 5 of them, the only sport on is soccer.  No complaints here, it is just an interesting change from the baseball and football dominated television back home.

It became very obvious to V and I upon our arrival that we were going to have to make a choice about which soccer team we were going to support.  Soccer here is taken very seriously and it would be sacrilegious to support more than one team…for me it came down to two teams:  Las Brujas-a team that used to play in Escazu, which was alluring, and Saprissa-the most winning team in Costa Rican history and is located in San Jose just a 10 min ride away.

I had told myself time that I wanted to go to the game between the two teams and let that be my deciding factor.  However this past week leading up to the game I found myself staying up just a little later than normal to catch some of the Saprissa game or mindlessly going to their website to try and decipher the spanish and thats when I knew…I was going to support Saprissa.  I was going to become part of the Ultra Morado and love the Purple Monsters!

This afternoon Vanessa, a fan now by default, and I pulled on our recently purchased Saprissa jerseys and anxiously awaited 4pm, the time that we were to leave for the game.  Tedd and Brandon joined us.  We finally found a pirate cab company that knows exactly where our house is, so we called them and were off!  Sitting in the car as we wound through the unfamiliar streets of San Jose, I was not sure what we were getting ourselves into.  We knew we were close to the stadium when a crowd of purple began to overtake the street.  We had heard stories about the games; crazy fans, yelling, jumping, singing, horns, passion!

As the cab pulled around the corner and the stadium was in full view. Vanessa turned to me and said…”wow, this is crazy…I am kinda scared.”  But the moment we stepped from the cab into the river of violet it was obvious there was no reason to be.  As with all people in Costa Rica they were friendly and happy to help new Saprissa fans.

We waited in a line marked out by caution tape tied around trashcans to buy our tickets.  We purchased tickets in the Palco section (the box seats) for 9,000 colones or $18. It took us a couple tries to find our entrance but we finally entered and quickly found our section.  As we entered our cozy box, we were greeted by friendly looking ticos decked out in Saprissa gear.  Vanessa and I fit right in!  The box was…interesting.  They were box seats but nothing like you would think of at home.  The wood floors with a part of a plank missing, plastic chairs with absent armrests and subtle odor did give it character.  However it was adorned with a personal toilet and a roof over head, which was fantastic because the heavens opened up, as they always do, in the afternoons and evening here.

The game was exciting and fun to watch.  The people in our box were very friendly and told us within the first minute of the game that we needed to whistle or yell obscenities at #14 on the Brujas because he used to play for them but was kicked off the team.  We quickly took part in that as he received the ball only 15 or so rows in front of us.  We also quickly noticed the “true” fan section.  They call themselves the Ulta Morado and they were crazy!  They were standing in an uncovered part of the stadium soaking in the rain but they had relentless energy as the hundred or so of them pounded drums, sang songs and jumped around passionately for all 90 minutes.

I am continually smiled as the game progressed and in it was Saprissa 3- Las Brujas 2.  I am very please with the team I have chosen to support and look forward to returning to the wooden floors and plastic chairs at la casa de
monstruo morado.

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2 responses

31 08 2010
Dad "S"

Have to agree with Ness, that looked crazy. I’ve never been to a soccer game; seems as if people that go to soccer games are an unruly crowd. But, you box seats looked pretty safe. Great pictures Miguel!

Dad “S”

8 09 2010

It’s nice to see you two enjoying life in Costa Rica. You both look good in the Bimbo blue and white jerseys.



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