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10 09 2010

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Last weekend I had the chance to get away from the city for a little while.  Andrea (my neighbor and fellow Coloradoan) and I went for a hike in the mountains of Escazu.  We had a great time, and I really enjoyed the amazing view of the city. The hike was all up hill, but it was wonderful to be surrounded by trees and the peaceful chirping of bugs and birds alike.  I think I will be taking a routine visit up that mountain.  This weekend, however, I am sick.  I have absolutely no voice, and a pitiful cough.  Hopefully I can manage my class with sign language tomorrow.  hmmmmm….

Anyway, here are some pictures of the hike, and some strange things we have seen around the city.  Love and miss you all!  Is there anything in particular you would like pictures of or would like to hear about?  Miguel and I are always looking for things to report on to those of you back home.  Just let us know!


Random thoughts from Miguel on a Friday:

I apologize for the lack of posts.  Vanessa has been sick this week and the internet at our house has not been working.

Last weekend we attempted to go to the Caribbean Coast but the plan quickly fell apart when the road was closed due to a mudslide.  We are going to try again this weekend, hopefully with better success.  I love Escazu but there is so much out there that I can’t wait to see!

My spanish is improving every day, I wouldn’t say that I can speak it yet as much as say random words in some made up order.

Yesterday Costa Rica smelled amazing.  There was the wonderfully sweet smell of flowers outside my classroom.  Between every class I would linger a moment longer to let it warm me.

I am ready to have a vehicle.  I have grown to love walking and am now proficient in calling cabs but I am ready to do things on my own time.

There are things that make me smile every day here: the cows roaming a small abandoned lot, the random roosters that crow at you when you walk by, the friendly smiles of people when they realize you have no idea what they are saying…

My students are smart…very smart…they push me to be better at my job…

I am ready for the point in my life when people ask me “Do you speak Spanish?” to finally be able to say “Yes” and then continue to hope that they don’t say something to me in spanish as that seems to be what they do even when I tell them “No”.

There are new experiences and new challenges every day.  And every day I try to take the time to remember that I live in Costa Rica and remember how fortunate I am to do so.

I love Vanessa and couldn’t imagine doing this adventure with any other person.  She is my support everyday and I strive to be hers.

Let us know what you want to hear about.  Our lives are different and exciting but sometimes it is difficult for us to pin point what makes it that way.





5 responses

11 09 2010
Mom Stevens

V & M,
I just got back a few days ago and had time to catch up on your posts this morning. I can’t tell you how much I love how well you keep us in touch. You’re posting just what I hoped you would – everyday life. It’s wonderful to read and see all the new things you’re experiencing..and how well you’re “figuring things out”. They’re such great life skills that could never be taught except through the experience itself.

Cahita is so beautiful! I love the raw beauty of a developing country – the locals and uncommercial feel of living day to day. I can only imagine how great the national park was…did you post those pictures?

BTW…did you know geckos can’t breathe and run at the same time. You’re cereal bowl just gives them time to recover…in the shade 🙂

Love you and am SO proud of you both!

Mom S

11 09 2010

Loved hearing from you both! I say more food pictures, less spiders 🙂 All of your random thoughts made me smile and also gave me peace of mind knowing that you are truly enjoying your experience and making the best of your lives every day! We love you both and can not WAIT to come see you!!

11 09 2010

Here is what I want:

– More pictures like the ones in this gallery
– Captions for said pictures (I need to know…What is that empanada thing you’re eating? Did you purchase that Pringles and Scotch gift set? Do you now own Operando? Is that Miguel riding on the horse?)
– To know what is your day-to-day routine like.
– To know if you’ve hire a maid yet.
– To know what you are eating. Do you still make cheese crisps? What kinds of restaurants are in town?
– To hang out with you soon.

That is all.

13 09 2010

I like the list brian. straight and do the point. I have been working on a daily routine post (in my head) for about a week now. It is just hard to do it justice. Also, I will work on the captions!

18 09 2010

While looking at your pictures I came across the one “Artsy-Log” one and the first thing that came to my mind was, “That’s awesome you should climb that!” It took me a second to realize the scale of the picture and to then understand what it was. I guess I could have just read the caption. 🙂

It’s awesome to read what you two are up too and see that life is good for you. Hope everything is amazing.

Miss you guys.

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