Mmmmm… Grapes

15 09 2010

Punta Uva at night

Punta Uva- “Grape Point”

But your saying, “Grapes don’t have points.” and I’m saying, “Exaaaaactly!”  Now you know.  First lessons free.

We decided to take a second trip to the Caribbean coast a couple of weeks ago.  This is the rainy season for most of Costa Rica, and “el Carib” is the only place to get away from the rain.  The tricky part is, to get out of the rain, you have to first cross through the mountains (which are magnets for rain).  Tricky, I know.  The weekend of the 3rd we packed everything up, loaded 8 people into two beat up cars, and headed out of town.  We didn’t make it far.  I guess something about rain makes dirt turn into mud, and mud has an incredible knack for sliding… on the only road to the Caribbean coast.  We were pissed, so we went out to dinner and drank.  And in our spirited conversations we decided, next weekend would be THE weekend.  Screw the mud.

My bag was still packed from the previous weekend when Thursday night rolled around.  Sure, I had pilfered some clean underwear and comfy pajamas out, but other than that, it was intact.  Friday morning we took out the trash, turned off all of the lights, locked all of the windows and doors, and said farewell to Jorge Jr. (the plant).  After school we had plans with an 89 Montero, and a mudless road to the coast. We all held our collective breaths through the mountains.  We had one pass to climb, and then the rest was smooth sailing.  We made it… in damn good time too.  We went out to dinner and went to bed early.  We had plans for the following day.

Tedd the navigator and Scott the co-pilot

Tedd's 89 Montero: glitter stuck to the seats and an endearing squeak

Bannana plantations on the side of the road.

Bannana? Several thousand bannanas?

The plan for Saturday was to eat breakfast, buy some snacks and water, and spend the rest of the day on the beach (worst agenda ever, I know).  Breakfast didn’t disappoint, snacks were almonds and some weird wheat thingies, water was called “Wah Wah”, and the beach was Punta Uva.

I don’t know if I really have the words for Punta Uva.  I have never seen water so blue.  When you walk out to the beach, to the left you see this ragged and untouched point.

"Que Rico"

When you look to the right, you see palms and soft sand beach.

This is where we spent our day

At that moment, you don’t care about the kid who won’t shut up in class; you forget the people who bug you with their incessant bitching; you forget the fact that you can only breath out of one nostril; you forget the crazy day to day of city life.  And you remember… you remember that you are in a paradise with your best friend; you remember you are living a life long dream; you remember the way you love warm sand on bare feet; and in truly bitter-sweet fashion, you remember all the loved ones you wish were with you in that moment.

The Group


An Artsy-Log Shot

A night-time soccer game

Isn’t that great?!

We laid all day.  We played Frisbee.  We all swam out as far as we could go, and then raced back to the beach.  We tried catching fish with our feet.  We walked down the beach and people watched.  We saw monkeys and heard them howling in the trees.  We worried about our heads as we laid under coconut trees.  We found seashells.  We got salt water in our noses.  We read our books.  We drank our water, and I said over and over again, “I love my life, I love my life, I love my life.”





8 responses

15 09 2010

Grandma recognizes those toes. I wonder who toes they are?

15 09 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Maybe as much as you 🙂

And your artsy log pic – UHHHMAYYYZING! I probably need to have a printed copy of that.

Keep em coming sista…
love from the 719!

16 09 2010
Mom Stevens

Just got back from a 5-hour round trip on a dirt road complete with monster car swallowing craters in Uganda. So I hear you. Dirt + water + 5hr road trip = mud + 10 hour road trip! The only benefit to a muddy vs dirt road, is no dust in your face, hair, clothes, uh everything!

Love the pics and captions kids!

16 09 2010
Dad "S"

Amazing and I am so jealous!! :

16 09 2010

Absolutely fantastic! Great pics, great post.

17 09 2010
grandma liz

wow!! I love the pictures and guys look great. the happy picture is absolutely priceless. continue with the captioning. Gram Liz

25 09 2010

Hey Kids,

Keep participating in your life. It’s the only way to go. We are winding up the first quarter of school here with many changes on the way for second. The “artsy shots” are fabulous. Look forward to more! Peace

14 10 2010

🙂 Looks great

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