Manuel Antonio=relief!

20 10 2010

Little Monkey outside our hotel room

I am so glad that last week is over with!  It was crazy!  We had 1st quarter grades due, and as any teacher knows, that time is always pretty busy.  BUT add to that having to use new grading programs with little to no training with them and of course finishing up the last of grading…along with last minute parent emails asking what their kid can do to pass and, for me, trying to organize things to start a new class.  Also, trying to use our debit cards and finding out that the “system” was down for the day, trying to meet obligations and meeting people at the gym, buying bus tickets…well, it may not sound like it but it was nuts around here!  Writing it here does it no justice, it was bonkers.

However, as Friday wained, a long weekend was awaiting (there was no school on Monday).  Vanessa and I headed off to Manuel Antonio.  This was our first trip completely on our own, no strings, no obligations, just us and whatever we wanted to do.

pano of beach

We caught the bus at 9am on Saturday and the 3 or so hour journey began.  It wasn’t a terrible bus ride, I guess it was about as good as you can imagine a Costa Rican bus.  Semi-dirty seats, smelly floors, strange looking people but it was our ride to freedom, so I can’t complain.  Anyway, when we arrived the weather wasn’t great but we attempted to get a little beach time in.  Just as we started to head back to the hotel it began to rain but not just normal rain, it rained harder than I have ever, ever seen.  After the 5 or so minute walk back to the hotel it I looked like I climbed out of the pool!

On Sunday, Vanessa and I had our goals laid out.  Goal number one, surf.  Goal number two, do whatever else we want.  We strolled down the beach to looking for a couple of guys standing that offered us lessons the day before and quickly met Pedro, our instructor for the day.  Pedro is a Tico (Costa Rican) with dread locks and spoke great Spanglish (mix between spanish and english…not a real language).  Vanessa and I had surfed one time before so we knew the basics but definitely  needed lessons again to set us on the path to the glory of surfing.  And glorious it was!  Pedro kept telling us that we had to take it in steps and we could get it little by little, or has he so gracefully put it “Poco y Poco…bro!”  He also had other great linguistic moments when he attempted to complement Vanessa on her effort: “You swim, turn around, get up and WIPE OUT right way…woah”.

V napping on the beach after surfing

After 2 hours of of surfing Vanessa and I were done!  We were tired, sore and hungry.  We had a great lunch at a restaurant called El Avion; the restaurant is an old airplane on the hill, overlooking the ocean.  It had great views and decent food.  After lunch we walked back down the the beach and promptly took naps in the sun!  It was very relaxing and a great way to spend the afternoon.

View from El Avion

don't run-over humans, dogs, sloths or monkeys

Over all, it was a great weekend, as they all seem to be.  We are learning how to get around, “Poco y poco…bro”.

P.S. We are ready for visitors…think about it…one of these posts can be about you…visiting us…here in paradise…

waiting for the bus home





4 responses

20 10 2010
big sister

spring break here we come…I’m doing extra stretching to get in shape
love you

21 10 2010

Opening Google Reader and seeing a new post from you guys makes me happy. And speaking of visitors, let’s try to figure out this summer thing…we’re in!

27 10 2010

I so love reading your posts – sounds like a great weekend 🙂

2 11 2010
Renee G-Orness

Canon and I are reading and I am showing him your pictures…and he looks at me and says “mommy… remember you said you would take me to the ocean!” and he tips his head and says ” tio ands tia will swim with me again…but with sharks!” Bah ha ha love you!

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