Volcan Poas!

16 11 2010

2nd largest crater in the world? I am not sure but it was big!

On Sunday we had the opportunity to take a trip to a volcano! Poas Volcano is one of the largest craters in the world. We went with a couple of friends. It was a great day full of driving through mountains, stopping to buy fresh strawberries, seeing random waterfalls and lakes, wearing warm winter clothes (it’s cold next to that volcano!), and eating at a mom and pop Italian place. The day was wonderful, and we managed to snap quite a few pictures. It was a beautiful day.  I think that the pictures will do a much better job of conveying our experience than any words, so here you go:

Vanessa and a Vanessa Sized leaf

Poas erupting

Poas Sign






I am not sure I would swim in the sulfer lake...

Lake almost as beautiful as the wife

water on flower

Together, loving CR

La Paz waterfall

blue lake through the foliage

look at it!

Everything is so green!

Leaf with flowers

Eating like a dinosaur!




7 responses

16 11 2010

So awesome!

18 11 2010

I love that close up picture of Vanessa. Vanessa you are so beautiful.

19 11 2010

Oh… Thanks Guy. You are sweet.

20 11 2010

Oh you kids! Thanks for the leaf scale. Fabulous.

20 11 2010

I’m digging the facial hair, Miguel! Ooh la la!

21 11 2010

No Shave November! a wonderful thing. Our school has turned it into a charity drive. The more money the kids donate to my (or other teachers) beards the more ridiculous thing we have to shave it into. I am in last place, so hopefully I won’t have to shave at all!

20 11 2010
Renee G Orness

I love the pictures, miguels beard is looking awe-some and v you look beautiful! love you!

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