A Late Halloween Update

24 11 2010

Miguel and I love Halloween.  There is something so fun about dressing up in ridiculous costumes and making a complete fool of yourself.  And in all honesty, it most likely stems from the obscenely crazy Halloweens we would have in college.  Every Halloween I can remember with Miguel has been EPIC.  From our first Halloween together when his Bunny costume (that I made for him out of old woman’s sweat pants) beat my Wonder Woman costume in a costume contest.  He won 100 dollars for that one!  Or the year we dressed up as Minnie and Micky Mouse and Miguel was randomly assaulted by a stranger, who apparently had something against Micky Mouse. This Halloween, although away from our closest friends, was not going to go uncelebrated.

It was a little hard to find costumes for this Halloween because Costa Rica doesn’t celebrate it.  The country is predominantly Catholic, and it is believed to be the “devil’s holiday”.  We had increased pressure and difficulty finding costumes when an 80′s theme was set on the party.  How do you create an 80′s Halloween costume from scratch?  Most people went as the standard 80′s workout girl, but Miguel and I aren’t really into “standard” costumes.  So, we drew from what we loved best in the 80′s… the cartoons!

Miguel went as Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears, and I went as Rainbow Brite, which ended up just looking like a girl with some rainbow stuff on… sad.  Nevertheless, we had a great time, and I snapped a ton of pictures, and I will attempt to tell you the small details in captions.

Miguel looks great as Grumpy Bear!

The Care Bear Stare!

Our friends(from left): Larry Bird, Magnum P.I., and John Rambo

At some point this strange guy started doing this cool fire-spinny show...

It looked dangerous, but he let random people try anyway... I stayed clear of that.

The food was fun! Zombie cheese ball

Cat Poop cookies... Nobody ate these

And someone brought this italian guy straight from the airport and he started cooking.


He said he brought meat and cheese with him in his suit case.

It was AMAZING. The whole thing was gone in a matter of minutes

Magnum Approved!

There was a giant Rubics Cube
Then this random drunk guy sat on it…

It slowly deflated and everyone simultanously said, "ohhhhhhhh".


But before it was squished, I took this amazing picture!

Overall, it was a good night.  We ate well, we laughed, and we made memories with new friends.  Hope you like the pictures.

This Thanksgiving we are headed out of town.  We are going to Montezuma.  Here is a link of the place we are staying. It should be a great time… but I’m already missing my family and the yummy turkey feast.  Love and miss you all.  V-




2 responses

25 11 2010

Hi Kids,

Oh, the 80’s. I had to buy my daughter a Care Bear cousin as all the bears were scooped up one 80’s Christmas. Eightie’s Day at school was one to forget. Next year Halloween is on a Monday school day. Eeek!

The Ylang Ylang link was beautiful to watch. Thank you for the virtual tour as it is 7 degrees and sunny on the prairie. Roger and I are staying home and sitting by the fire.

Peace, Twanda

26 11 2010
Grandma Liz

You guys looked great.I too love to dress up and act a fool !! that cheese ball and cat poop was gross ! let me guess who the pantless guy was .Tom ,right. All the pictures made me laugh . looked like fun. Your last bunch of pictures were also good. I loved the close up of you Vanessa . I sure hope i get a copy of that. your so beautiful and you guys make a great couple. love you and keep it coming !! Gma Liz

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