A Costa Rican Thanksgiving

4 12 2010

pretty sun rays

Over the last couple of months Vanessa and I were embattled with the decision about what to do over Thanksgiving.  All of our friends around here seemed to be going their own ways and we could either tag along with them or do our own thing.  We procrastinated the decision long enough to make it easy on ourselves and ended up having to come up with our own plan.  The plan only came together on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week…we decided to head to Montezuma, a small town on the Nicoya Peninsula.  On the map it is to the left of San Jose (which is in the middle).

It is to the left of San Jose on the map

The adventure began Thursday morning when we caught the bus in San Jose, we arrived at the bus station around 5:30 and found ourselves at the back of the line.  This meant that when we got on, Vanessa got the last seat…I had to stand…lame.  The trip was broken into 3rds, the first part was a two hour trip to the coast, the second was a ferry ride to the peninsula and finally back on the bus for the final hour ride to Montezuma.  In total the trip would take about 5 and a half hours.  Lucky I only had to stand for 2!

Ferry ride

Upon arrival we found our hotel, El Sano Banano, right in the heart of the small town .  It was cool, the town has a lot of life to it and it was fun to be in the middle of it all.  Our room was pleasant enough and we quickly made plans for next couple of days.

The Hotel we stayed at

Swan on our bed

Friday involved Vanessa and I attempting to hike to a waterfall and stopping because it was raining.  When it cleared I decided to head back by myself and was pleased when I was able to swim in the lagoon of an 80 ft waterfall all by myself.  After a bit, I hiked a little farther up to two other waterfalls and played around in those for a while before meeting back up with Vanessa to go surfing and boogie boarding for the afternoon.  While surfing Vanessa experienced her favorite part of the trip…  we were both about chest deep in the ocean looking out at the incoming waves when from the top of a cresting wave jumps a HUGE sting ray.  It jumped out of the water a good couple of feet and then splashed back in!  It is hard to describe how cool it looked and how surprised we were to see it.  Vanessa just started yelling random words she was so excited!

V on the nice section of beach

As the sun worked its way down behind the palm trees we walked back on along the tragically dirty beach and had a fantastic dinner at the restaurant below our room.  Although the streets were packed with people and drums were thumping in the streets we called it an early night because we had scheduled a snorkeling trip for the following day.

Snorkeling was a bit disappointing as we were with a huge group of people and it seemed that no matter where you swam, you ran into someone.  However, we did see some cool tropical fish and I got to see an eel.  We had lunch on a nice little island (Isle de Tortuga).  What really made the trip worth it was when we headed back from the island to the main land our boat became surrounded by bottle nose dolphins!  At first there was only one and everyone was excited to see it jumping out of the water but soon it seemed that no matter where you looked there they were!  It was amazing for Vanessa and I, since neither of us had ever seen such a thing!  As the dolphins became distracted and swam to another boat the guide of our trip quickly pointed out to sea and there were a couple Pilot Whales coming to the surface for air!

Isle de Tortuga...well, close to it the actual island is in the background

the ONLY shot I was able to get of the whales...the rest are just blank water shots

The marine life sightings really capped of a great trip for Vanessa and I.  We both really missed everyone over the weekend but spending Thanksgiving surrounded by whales, sting rays and dolphins is the next best thing to family and friends…



waves coming in

For Dad!





3 responses

4 12 2010
Renee G-Orness

It looks beautiful and I am sure that the whales, dophins, and sting rays were a aweswome experience. We missed you both but love you!

5 12 2010

Such a cool way to spend Thanksgiving! I have actually been to Montazuma (made that same trip from San Jose) and was excited to see that you made it up to those waterfalls. they are amazing aren’t they? Did you jump off of the big one? someone talked me into it when i was there. terrifying. hope you guys are doing well!

12 12 2010


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