22 12 2010

“My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.”
Ayn Rand

There is something so wonderful in seeing Miguel climb.  We have often joked at how restless he gets when he isn’t climbing.  There was one year, we often refer to it as “the year when Miguel wasn’t climbing”, he was unhappy to say the least.  I felt as though I was watching him fill a hole climbing had left with any and every hobby he could think of.  I had to limit him to two hobbies a year because he was getting out of control.  A few hobbies I can remember him trying were: flying kites, harmonica, photography, mountain biking, road biking, and backpacking.  Clearly some hobbies were cooler and admittedly way more expensive than others!  When he started climbing again, all of those hobbies fell away and he was at peace again.

I am so happy that he is climbing now.  Weird hobbies aside, I think it’s amazing to see him dedicate himself and really stick with what he loves.  He goes to the climbing gym 2 times a week.  The gym is in San Jose and Miguel has to walk to the bus stop, ride the bus into town, walk to the gym and then do all of that on his return trip.  There’s also the language barrier.  Not many people speak English at the gym. But, with work, Miguel is slowly being accepted by all of the nice Tico’s at the climbing gym.

We have also taken a couple trips to a local climbing spot with a friend from work.  The place is called Cachi, and it’s only one wall of sport climbing, but it’s perfect to satisfy the urge to climb outside.  Also, when everything is dry, I think Miguel will take a trip up to Pico Blanco and check out some reported boulders.  Things are in the works… And I’m happy that we have options here.  I love climbing, but I’m not empty with out it.  Miguel on the other hand, needs it, and I’m thankful he doesn’t have to go without.

Left side of the wall at Cachi

Right side of the wall at Cachi

Route name and grade... The hardest one is called "Ojo del Tigre"

Recently there was a climbing competition at La Sabana (which is a big park in San Jose).  They erected a climbing wall in the middle of the park and had people all over from Central America come.  Miguel signed up and worked hard to get ready for it.  Competition was stiff, and Miguel did well.  I took a bunch of pictures of the comp and of La Sabana.  Next year look to see both of us competing.  🙂


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27 12 2010

That is awesome. I just spent 4 days without climbing for the holiday and am going crazy; can’t imagine not being able to do it for so long! Glad you guys are finally able to climb again.

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