Padres: Part 1

31 12 2010

So far it has be a great holiday season.  We got out for Christmas break on the 17th and Vanessa and I spent the next couple of  days preparing for my parents to arrive.  We had a whole list of things to do from getting christmas lights to buying fresh flowers; we accomplished them all with plenty of time to spare and then sat.  Well, I sat, or rather laid, awake waiting for them to arrive early on the 22nd.

Flowers waiting for Mom and Dad

I was nervous to say the least, I did not know what my parents reaction to Costa Rica would be.  I mean, this is the place that we live and their opinion has always meant an incredible amount to me.  I guess, lucky for me, their reaction was positive as they attempted to comprehend their surroundings.  In the first couple of days I would look at either one and I would see their minds race as their 5 senses were being accosted by the unfamiliar surroundings.  I, on the other hand, was trying to internalize as much as a could because it is not often that I get to see my parents so vulnerable, in a good way.  In a very short amount of time it became apparent that I would not be able to take it all in; I was just going to have to sit back and enjoy my parents bumble around, feel awkward and eventually, by the end of the trip, gain confidence and categorize as much as a I could in my head.

Mom and Dad’s plane arrived at 6:30 in the morning and Vanessa and I were waiting for them with a little scribbled “Welcome to Costa Rica- Carol and Chico Gonzalez” sign.  After the embraces and moments of quick check-overs to make sure that, 1)they survived their international flight and 2)they were making sure that we still had all our limbs after living in this foreign land, we rented a car and made our way back to the house, along the way we pointed out countless things, that I am sure, they don’t remember.  After they unpacked and Mom wandered around the house inspecting every cabinet and drawer, corner and crack, everyone took a nap because that afternoon Imelda (V and I’s Spanish teacher) was coming over to give Mom a Costa Rican cooking class!  With bellies full we called it an early night.

Empanada's in the making

The finished product

Time for a taste

Dinner time!

We woke up early the next day to head to Poas, a volcano about an hour or so away from our house.  Vanessa and I had been there once before (Poas Post) and thought that my parents would enjoy seeing it.  As we drove through the city and out into the country hills Mom enjoyed seeing the things that make Costa Rica so unique and enjoyable on a daily basis, like a cows…on the side of the road, or crossing so you can no longer drive.  The volcano was great the clouds stayed at bay, so the crater was viewable.  We also took a small side journey to see La Paz waterfall, which was worth it.  As the day wound down we started to shift our focus toward our trip to Manuel Antonio, which we would leave for in the morning.

Mom and Dad at Poas

Dad checking it out...hoping it wouldn't didn't

Mom Eating a Leaf- she wanted to be like me

Candid... enjoying the moment

This is what they do so they don't have to mow

La Paz

Our trip to Manuel Antinio was so overwhelming in so many amazing ways that it will have to be a separate post… here is a taste:

breathtaking sunset





3 responses

31 12 2010

OH MY, How I wish we could do it all over again, the smells, sights and sounds.. (horns honking). Patiently waiting for PART II

1 01 2011

Family is everything.

1 01 2011

Awesome! Glad the folks had a successful trip. Can we get an empanada-making lesson when we come down?

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