6 01 2011

Panama has always had an interesting allure to it.  To me it has always just seemed, well, foreign.  Never in my life did I put in on the ¨list¨ but here I am sitting in a hostel in Panama City.  The din of an out of tune guitar, syllables of various languages and the bass reverberating through my feet combined with the smell sea salt in the air and sweat evaporating off strangers has made for an interesting stay so far.

When Vanessa and I arrived from San Jose we were  surprised by how easy of a trip it was, the most stress we felt was the self induced feeling of submersion.  There is that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you step on to a plane and you realize that when you get off you have absolutely no idea what it is going to be like.  So, aside from that stress, there was zero issues.

We arrived in Panama City just afternoon and quickly caught a cab to Luna´s Castle, a hostel that we had read about online and had heard about back in CR.  It is everything that it was built up to be.  This place is HUGE.  There is about 25 rooms, and some of the rooms hold up to 8 people- tonight there is only one bed empty.  There is a buzz all around the place, all the time.  It seems that everyone here is from somewhere else, moving to somewhere new, no one is staying, everyone always on the go.  However, despite the transit nature of the place, it seems to hold a culture all it´s own.  This place is covered in art, it is dripping with uniqueness.  It is, simply, a castle of cultures.

So, aside from our windowless room that wreaks of mothballs and has to be around 90 degrees, the place is fascinating.  Mismatched couches are filled, each cushion holding a different country, a different story.  I feel fortunate to have this experience, to be amongst the haggard and tired travelers, to be able to file this time in my mind, so later I can add my foreign syllables to later conversations.

There will be more Panama posts to come but tonight our dreams will be of the San Blas Islands, which we leave for in the morning.

It has taken me forever to upload just three pictures and people are waiting to use the computer so here you go for now-

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2 responses

7 01 2011

Looks awesome! Book us a room for June while your there.

10 01 2011
Renee G-Orness

Wow. I love seeing your experiences. love you

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