30 01 2011

Miguel and I have been talking lately about what direction we want the blog to go.  This discussion inevitably became a discussion on what caused us to start the blog in the first place.  One major reason we started the blog was to share our experiences and interesting adventures with friends and family, and another reason was to keep a photo journal of our time abroad.  While we have many interesting adventures to come, it seems as though we are at a plateau of interesting excursions to write about. BUT- We haven’t really been looking at this blog as a journal.  And, I don’t mean journal in the sense of dark secret thoughts, but a real account of our day to day lives.  We need to approach it as a way for us to document our everyday lives so that when we revisit it in 3-5-10 years to come, we will have a full picture of our experience.

As gross as it sounds, a big part of our everyday lives are bugs.  We see so many creepy and interesting bugs out and about.  The school itself is full of the craziest moths, butterflies, beetles, and spiders I have ever seen.  When we go to the beach we see all kinds of creepy crawlies.  But, for our first bug post of many, I have found one of the creepiest and weirdest bugs crawling around our own home.

At first sight it’s pretty uneventful and disappointingly boring looking.

Looks are deceiving. This is a creepy bug.


But, this bug is a weird kind of moth.  It carries it’s cocoon around with it when it’s a larvae.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a weird looking piece of lint and I picked it off the wall and threw it away.  A few days later, I saw another one laying on the floor and when I looked at it closer, I noticed that something was coming out of it… Creepier yet, the thing coming out of it was eating a stray strand of hair off of the bathroom carpet.  These guys creep the hell out of me.  Miguel didn’t even know they were wormy things until he saw the pictures I took.  Now, he’s just as creeped out as I am.

The worm-thing can crawl from both ends of the cocoon.

It crawls pretty fast and moves its little wormy head around all crazy-like.

The worst part is, they are everywhere.  I will go through just about every other day and wipe them off of baseboards, crevasses in the wall, and any general surface that they might be inching along.

Looks pretty harmless

When I asked our Spanish teacher about them (Imelda has now become our authority on everything strange in Costa Rica) she simply said, “Ellos come su ropa.”  That’s apparently all we needed to know… They eat your clothes.  Creepy!

By the way, sorry Grandma for posting bug pictures.  I’m sure this isn’t your favorite post, but there will be more and I will label them all “Bugs!” so you know in advance.  Love you all!





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30 01 2011
30 01 2011

I can handle those bugs, it’s the spiders which may have me packing my bags to come home early 😉

31 01 2011
Grandma Liz

I can look at pictures of bugs but dont send them to me and dont bring them home with you. It looks pretty gross. I got stuck in a bathroom for an hour ( felt like 3 ) in fear that it was going to go for my throat if I made the slightest move!!!

13 03 2011
Bugs 2- Spiders cerca la casa « Run Through These Streets

[…] we have very few bugs.  Of course we have the weird creepy crawly bugs that I photographed in Bugs! #1, but in addition to those guys, we have a random spider here and there as well.  The spiders […]

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