Have You Ever Had “One of Those Weeks”?

17 02 2011

Just like with everything in life anything new becomes old, or in our case normal.  For Vanessa and I, we have reached the point in our adventure where it is no longer an adventure but our daily life.  Lucky for us, this blog has forced us to continually look at the details of our lives and analyze, evaluate, appreciate and savor the small morsels that feed our routine.

With that being said, this week is taking FOREVER and I started thinking of ways that get me through the never ending plateau referred to as “one of those weeks”.

Here is what the week looks like visually:



A nap maybe...

Going Crazy

During times like these I often find myself turning toward exercise and climbing, but unfortunately I have been in a sort of slump with that too.  When those fail for me, I have to buckle the hatches and hunker down for a long one.  So, here I am, Thursday, right in the middle of “one of those weeks” and I find myself eeking out every minute with my only savior being music.  For me there are only a select number or musicians or songs that can rescue a week like this and I am eternally grateful for them.

These are a couple of songs that keep me moving in the only direction possible…

Safe And Sound by Electric President

Weekend Wars by MGMT

White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons

*Click on the blue link to listen to the songs.  This is a new feature that V and I installed!*



Miguel is definitely having a rough week.  I think he’s threatened to call in sick a few times and I really think he would if we weren’t doing our “state” testing.  Some weeks we all need a mental holiday.

The week seems to be moving at a slower-than-healthy pace and I think it has something to do with a 3-day weekend coming up.  We are in desperate need for some beach time.  When I’m not dreaming of soft sand beaches and warm water, I am reading, listening to music and trying to will more coffee from my coffee cup.  🙂

The latest book to get me through. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my KINDLE!

I know there's more in there!

Can't you kids see I'm busy!!!! (Just kidding... I'm a good teacher. This was during my break!) My "I'm busy" look is a lot more scary in person.

Other than my Kindle and coffee, the only other things that save me are these songs:

Nirvana:  Lithium

Led Zeppelin (This one reminds me of my Grandpa Terry for some reason): When the Levee Breaks

State Radio: Fight No More

(Mom- You need to check out Mumford and Sons… I think you will love them)





3 responses

17 02 2011

You are both so beautiful and I miss you so much!! I love seeing your faces! And is there anything that Mumford and Sons can’t fix? 🙂

20 02 2011

Ok, hope your weekend re-energized you. Yes, I voted for a song that I liked.

10 04 2011
Mom Stevens

Vanessa, you’re so pretty. I love seeing your sweet face even if it has to be online.

I do like Mumford and Sons – great sound! Nikki let me copy the CD and I have it on my ipod now. Had to vote for Nirvana to get me through the week though…

Love you honey –

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