Dominical- (MTV Cribs Edition)

24 02 2011

When I was younger, there was a show on MTV called Cribs.  On this show, a camera crew would show up at some celebrity’s house and go through every room with a camera.  The celebrity would take you on a tour of their home and they would show you how much better their life was than yours.  It was pretty depressing but I watched it quite regularly.  I always liked seeing such nice houses… It was like going into model homes and checking out all of the rooms.  I don’t have any desire to own anything like those movie/music star mansions, but it is neat to see.

Recently, I had a MTV Cribs-like experience.  A few weekends ago we went to Dominical.  The place we stayed in is exactly like a place you would see on MTV Cribs.  The house is called Casa Buendia (Good Day House).  It was massive.  Every room had it’s own bathroom and balcony.  There was an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, an amazing kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a breathtaking view of the ocean.  The best part was that it was reasonably priced because there were eight of us staying there.  It turned out to be around 60$ a night for Miguel and I.  If I had a camera, I would have made a mock-Cribs video.  For now, you guys will just have to live with the pictures.

Photo courtesy of

The "Crib"

Photo courtesy of

The Back Deck/ Pool

The Entry Way

The Dining Room and Living Room

The Kitchen

Casa Buendia is just South of Manuel Antonio, where we spent Christmas with Miguel’s parents.  Miguel and I had heard of Dominical but we knew very little about it because most people don’t make it further South than Manuel Antonio.  Dominical is, for this reason, beautifully undeveloped and untouched.

No one really wanted to leave the house.  It was luxurious and comfortable, but we drove 4 hours to get to Dominical, so we all figured we should check out the beaches.

The Crew

It took us a while to pack our things and make it down the “mountain” that Casa Buendia is on, but when we finally made it to the beach, I was amazed.  Costa Rica has a strange jungle-y feeling no matter where you go, but Dominical felt like more than that.  Dominical felt prehistoric.  It’s hard to explain, but the pictures kind of help.

Playa Uvita: It's huge, and there is water on either side.

Playa Las Ventanas: This place had sea caves and it really felt like I should have seen a dinosaur or two.

Dominical and the beaches were all really spectacular, but the thing that made our trip to Dominical so wonderful was the house and our friends.  We have been fortunate enough to move to Costa Rica with a group of new teachers.  They come from all over the place, we are all different ages, and we all like different things.  But, for some reason, we all get along really well.  This crew of teachers has been so great to have.  We have formed a little group and we try to travel and do things together.  The idea of going to Dominical and renting a house for the weekend is just one example of cool stuff we plan together.

The weekend really helped me appreciate the core group we are apart of, and the fun things we do together.  We spent most of our weekend at Dominical enjoying each others’ company and the house.  For one of the nights there we made a nice dinner together.  We split up the menu and all bought our various ingredients at the local market.

Andrea and Nicole deciding what to make.

Miguel and Scott finished early and were taking bets on how much it would cost. They both lost.

After a fun visit to the market, we headed back to the house to make dinner.  We played music as we cooked and relaxed.

Dinner (from left: Nicole, Andrea, Mike, Tedd)

The boys were in charge of clean up. Scott was enthused.

The NEW Brawny Man... His roll of paper is looking a little thin.

We enjoyed sunset together on the balcony.

Miguel, Scott, and Tedd had fun making up pool games. They were moving too fast for the camera to focus!

The weekend turned out great thanks to an amazing setting and fun friends.  Dominical is on my list of favorite spots because it’s beautiful, but I think we would have had fun no matter where we went, as long as our friends were there.





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