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4 03 2011

Tedd created this after the weekend! Good times.

It is the dry season here in Costa Rica, a.k.a: Summer.  The weather is beautiful every day with the temperatures ranging from the mid 70’s to 80’s in Escazu and higher on the coasts.  Needless to say, this is the time to get out an explore the country and we have.

Our group of friends jokingly said that we should try to go somewhere every other weekend for during the dry season, while we haven’t quite lived up to that we have gotten pretty darn close.  A couple of weeks back we headed to Puerto Viejo, which is a backpackers paradise on the Caribbean coast.

Tedd, Scott, Vanessa and I loaded up into Tedd’s trusty Mitsubishi Montero and headed into the sunset with surfing on our minds.  Our destination was Rocking J’s.  Rocking J’s is a place of travel lore; wild parties, hammocks for beds, bonfires… We were not exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into…but it was a three day weekend and we had nothing to lose.

Pick your poison...

3.5 hours later we puttered up to the hostel and were greeted what I can only describe as: Animal House.  We quickly found out that it was the monthly Full Moon Party, where they dress in togas and sell ridiculously cheap drinks.  We rolled in a little late and most of the people were in full party mode, singing, taking shots that were being poured down a huge ice block to be consumed by the patron waiting at the bottom…

We cautiously checked in to our private rooms (no hammocks for us), which were very clean and pleasant.  As Vanessa and I climbed the stairs we kinda glanced at each other with silly grins on our faces mixed with nerves and excitement that were saying: “What are we doing here?”.  Thankfully, as we settled into the room and when we closed the door, almost all of the sound was drowned out and we knew that everything would be ok.  We were going to enjoy ourselves but we knew that we could escape to our room when we were ready.

Our private room...Where is the bed?

The loft took us a minute to realize where the bed was!

Mirror right next to it...I woke up thinking there was someone laying was just me.

We put our “party pants” on and joined the fray for as long as we could.  Vanessa and I just can’t party like we used to, but we sure enjoyed watching everyone else. We couldn’t help but laugh and point at the poor guys that were sound asleep in the middle of the bar, written all over, with drool dripping down their chins. We also enjoyed the guy who thought no one was looking and randomly started dancing wildly with a dog.  Needless to say, he was enjoying himself.

Rocking J's on the second night. It was much more calm!

Hammock Room

We woke up fairly early the next morning, slightly hung over, threw on our swimsuits and flip-flops, met up with Scott and strolled out to the beach.  There were already surfers bobbing in the water and we couldn’t wait to get in.  We tossed our stuff down, Vanessa got comfortable with her Kindle, and Scott and I rented boards and dove in.  Time became a blur as I continually paddled to either avoid a being crushed by a wave or attempt to catch one…The next thing I knew I had spent two days surfing, the skin on my face was crispy from the sun beating off the water and it was already time to head back to Escazu.

Scott and I going to get boards

A wave breaking in front of Scott and I

Vanessa's Kindle Camp

Taking a break

day 2

I was lucky enough to catch a few waves.

The escapades Friday night were a nice change of pace, but I really enjoyed spending two days holding my breath as I fell from my surfboard, paddling around the picturesque beach, and enjoying good company.

This weekend we are doing a reconnaissance trip to Tamarindo to prepare for Raquel and Jason’s upcoming visit…I plan to find myself bobbing around in the water pretending to be a surfer again.  Stories to come…





2 responses

12 03 2011

Oh you kids!

Keep it up. We missed your flair at the student teacher basketball event last night. Mr. Lewis still has skills. I was the token coach for the student team. Blast!

I have been waiting for inspiration as to a fun re-do theme for our powder room off the kitchen. Rocky J’s is it. When you have a minute, tell me about the tiling on your private room walls. Is it made from broken and random pieces? The path to the Animal House looks unique as well.

Happy Days to you both. Twanda

12 03 2011

Thanks! I was just thinking about the Student-Teacher game the other day. That was always such a fun night.

The tiling at Rocking J’s was eclectic to say the least. They basically created the largest mosaic I have ever seen. The mosaic covered all of the walking paths and many of the walls. It was pretty cool, actually. They have broken tile and materials for anyone that wants to add to it. From what I could tell it was pretty random, however, there are sections that were amazingly done, as it was up the the person creating it to create whatever design they chose. They had a nice base of neutral colors and then selection of bright colors, blues, yellows, ect, to bring everything to life. I think it would be really cool to do a bathroom with a mosaic! Let us know if you do it and take pictures!

I hope all is well!. -Miguel

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