Bugs 2- Spiders cerca la casa

13 03 2011

I think it’s about time for a good bug post.

I have been trying pretty hard to take photos of bugs when and where I see them.  I have somehow turned into “that girl”  who instead of stopping and saying, “Oh gross!  That bug is really creepy!”  I have been grabbing my camera and getting as close to it as I possibly can without freaking myself out.  Miguel usually is chiding me in the background, “What are you doing?!” or my favorite, “Don’t get too close!”

Fortunately, our house is not as rampant with bugs as many other places in this lovely country.  Aside from the occasional ant here and there (thanks to Carol and Chico’s wonderful ant traps all those ants are dead), we have very few bugs.  Of course we have the weird creepy crawly bugs that I photographed in Bugs! #1, but in addition to those guys, we have a random spider here and there as well.  The spiders that we see are generally outside of the house.  They lay in wait for us to get home, and then as we try to get inside the house, we are able to glimps some strange and scary looking bugs hanging out.

This guy was right by our front door. Super creepy looking. I was a little freaked out while taking this picture.

A black widow near our front door. Miguel and I were definitely glad to see her gone the next day.

In addition to the creepy spiders I have seen outside, we do have a “Kitchen Spider” as I have so aptly named him.  He hangs out in a little crevice near our sink.  And, as a true testament as to how I have switched mentalities in regard to bugs, he has been living as the “Kitchen Spider” for a good 3 months now.  Spiders eat other bugs… namely mosquitoes.  We live near a river, and thus if we aren’t careful about open windows, we have mosquitoes.  I have let K.S. live and hang with us for his not-so-short life because he serves a purpose.  He eats other bugs, and he’s not that big AND he runs away when I get close to the sink.

Kitchen Spider (K.S. for short)

I have, of course, found some bugs that I just can’t bring myself to get close enough to take pictures of, so I have had students take those pictures.  🙂 All the Costa Rican kids are totally unfazed by giant bugs.  There has been one bug who has gone un-photographed, and will continue to go un-photographed… this bug is some kind of worm that can actually lift the upper half of it’s body off of the ground.  He was in our car port one day and I ran inside immediately.  Ehhh… as brave as I have gotten, nothing will make something that creepy ok.





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13 03 2011

I’m not coming anymore. Unless you get rid of all of the spiders 🙂

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