Who knew oxen were pretty? – Dia de los Boyeros

19 03 2011

a boy driving his goat cart

Last weekend we stuck around Escazu for a low key weekend and I am glad we did!  We don’t always get the news about things happening around town; mostly because we don’t have television or read the local newspaper, so we sometimes find things out at the last minute.  Lucky for us we did get word that the Dia de los Boyeros or the Annual Ox Cart Festival was going to be happening on Sunday.

majestic black and white oxen

We had heard about the Ox Cart Festival from the day that we arrived in Costa Rica.  People had told us about the elaborately hand panted carts, the great celebration, and parade of Oxen.  The festival reminds the locals and visitors of the roots of Costa Rican farming.  While most the farmers now use modern machinery every now and again you will see a farmer holding up traffic as he drives his ox down the main road with the cart packed full of produce.  The intricate paintings on the carts are supposed to symbolize a peaceful way of life and acknowledge a sensitivity of nature.

hand painted cart

intricately painted wheel

The festival lived up to everything I hoped it would!  We arrived a bit early, with our friend Tedd, and had plenty of time to people watch!  It was some of the best we have had in a while because, apparently, at a festival like this all of the young female girls dress as if they are going out on the town to attract as much attention to themselves possible…and of course they looked ridiculous.  Anyway, their pea-cocking quickly paled in comparison to the beauty of the parade of oxen.  I was expecting the carts to be beautiful but what I did not expect was the beauty of the animals.  They are large and majestic and they were carefully ordained with small jewels or intricate headdresses.

Pasqarp-a palooza: V watching the people

this guy was very unhappy with me taking his photo

After taking over 400 pictures we enjoyed walking around the artist and food booths while enjoying being immersed in “the real Costa Rica”.  It was great to be surrounded by the culture and not hear a word of English spoken.  Looking up at the amazing mountains surrounding us and listening to the drone of the not-so-foreign language it was a great reminder that we live in foreign country…and it is amazing!

With so many amazing photos here is a slideshow with the best of the best.  I also attempted to put together a couple of video clips.  Enjoy:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Untitled from Miguel Gonzalez on Vimeo.




3 responses

19 03 2011

Beautiful! love you

21 03 2011

It is too bad V was the only one with the enhanced viewing pleasure through the priceless PAP2010 glasses! Miss the hell out of you two!!!

28 03 2011

Awesome stuff!

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