We are not big fans of cleaning house…so…we don’t

9 04 2011

Before moving down to Costa Rica Vanessa and I tried many times to imagine what our life would be like.  There were times that I pictured us having huge rainforest trees towering over our house with a sloth hanging out in our yard.  Other times, I worried that we would live in a over crowded, smelly city with rodents taking over.  Obviously, I was wrong with both of those visions, but the truly difficult part was trying to invision what daily life would be like: Dishes, laundry, ironing, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, all the stuff that we both hate!

Even before we could really settle into a daily routine, as a matter of fact I think it was the first full day were were in Costa Rica, another teacher approached us and told us that she had a wonderful maid that worked for her for many years but she had recently moved and thus had to let her go.  So, she encouraged us to think about hiring this great person to help us out around the house.  At first I just kind of laughed to Vanessa and told her “There is no way we can afford that!”  But this interaction had planted the seed in our minds.  We began to wonder, which lead to asking questions and further investigation in to the coveted world of- “Having a Maid”.

By asking just a couple of questions the unknown wonders of “Having a Maid” started to sparkle in to a reality.  Sonia, our maid, charges 10,000 Colones or $20 USD for 4-5 hours of cleaning, cooking, ironing or whichever household duty we may ask her to do (within reason).  When this information passed into my head, I had to ask for them to repeat it because… that is an amazing deal!

We now have Sonia come every other Monday, which is just right for the two of us.  She does a great job of cleaning just about every nook and crany of the house, she sweeps and mops, does some dishes, cleans all the rooms and for some reason, which neither V or I have figured out…she refolds all our clothes in our closets.

It is such a great feeling to come home to a clean house, and even better feeling when you didn’t have to put in all the work to make it that way!

Our messy bed- BEFORE

nice made up bed- AFTER

dishes... BEFORE

clean and ready to go!- AFTER

Ironing...BOO!- BEFORE

No more ironing...YES!-AFTER

My folded clothes

Vanessa's folded clothes




2 responses

11 04 2011

I think that’s a terrific idea and what a bargain! We recently hired a house cleaner and I love it!

11 04 2011

Nice. Wish we had a maid, a cook, or possible a nanny. ha ha love you

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