10 days go by too quickly-Raquel and Jason’s visit

24 04 2011

The house is quiet.  The only sounds are the shuffle of Vanessa’s sleepy feet in the kitchen.  And I already miss Raquel and Jason.  I can hear my mom saying “I hate the quiet after company leaves”- when I was younger I never really understood what she was saying or why she would get upset after company left…I always liked having the house back to normal.  Now I know.

Raquel and Jason visit CR

Raquel and Jason were here for a too quick 10 days.  Their plane landed at the ridiculous time of 4:57 am, and after a couple bumps in the road, they spent that day and the next relaxing in our humble house and getting to know the Costa Rica that Vanessa and I experience every day.  V and I listed a couple of places that we like to eat and drew an unbelievably disproportionate map for them to use as they ventured out on foot to explore Escazu.  I was excited for them; they were determined to head out on their own and experience the excitement and anxiety that Vanessa and I felt our first couple of days.  Vanessa and I raced home from school both days to hear about their adventures- They took advantage of their time and hit many of the places that we frequent.  I think they truly appreciated the time that they had to themselves, not just vacationing but really getting to know the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of our town.

Walking around town

Jason finding the local brew

Raquel and Vanessa

Pipa for Jason

Visiting the Sat. market

Saturday morning we woke up early went to the market and then headed to Arenal, which is a perfectly cone shaped volcano about 2 and half hours away.  We piled into the beat up rental car, Vanessa and Raquel in back, Jason manning the passenger seat and me behind the wheel.  I navigated the twisting, turning and stomach churning roads as best I could.  Raquel, being pregnant, was a champ on the way there and back, she should probably get an award or something for not puking all over Vanessa.

arriving to Arenal

Raquel toughing out the car rides

We stayed in a great little bungalow complete with a patio draped with hammocks and a great view of the volcano.  Upon arrival the four of us relaxed for just a bit before we headed out on a small nature hike near the volcano.  It was great to see Raquel and Jason as the became surrounded by the dense jungle and looked in wonder at the strange plants, insects, birds and bats that past by along the way.  Sunday morning Vanessa, Jason and I woke up early to go on a canopy zip-line.  We really enjoyed it.  It was fun to watch Jason, who is afraid of heights, climb to the first platform and silently whisper to himself that it was all going to be ok.  He took his minute to stave of tears of terror and went for it and by the last zip-line he was saying how he wished that there was more!  It was a quick trip to Arenal but we had to had back to Escazu because we had tickets to a soccer game that evening.

Raquel and Jason-view from the room

Jason getting ready for the Zip-line

mentally preparing himself

excited, scared? it doesn't matter because here you go!!!!

there was a small yell of exhilaration on that first line

The soccer game was enjoyable.  Jason seemed to really enjoy the stadium and lack of efficiency during the attempted halftime show.

Soccer game- RED CARD!

The next day was spent preparing for our adventure to Tamarindo.  We took our time getting to Tamarindo where we spent the next 3 days enjoying each other’s company.

While in Tamarindo, Jason decided he wanted to take his turn driving.  This may sound strange as Jason has obviously driven numerous times…but driving in Costa Rica…that is a different story.  The drivers here are, well, crazy, unpredictable and enjoy using their horns.  He climbed behind the wheel with a childlike grin, looked over at me, and promptly stalled the car!  It was a small hiccup but he quickly mastered the finicky clutch and we were off to visit the main beach in Tamarindo, as well as another beach in the area.  We spent time surfing, relaxing and visiting the shops around town.  The days flew by.  I wish they wouldn’t have, but inevitably, being in good company and having a good time seems to put time in fast forward.

a little bit of beach time

our hotel fridge for the time in Tamarindo

getting ready to surf- Jason's first time! he got up eventually!

I love them!

The unfortunate time of silence approached early Saturday morning when V and I took Raquel and Jason to the airport around 3:45 in the morning (what was Raquel thinking booking this terribly early flights?).  We said our goodbyes and I hugged each of them for a millisecond longer, silently wishing them luck, as they headed back to Portland to find out the sex of their baby!

I miss and love my family and wish that I could share every second of our adventure with them!  I truly treasured the time spent with my sister and Jason.  Now the house is eerily quiet and my understanding of Mom’s words grows with each creek of the empty house.

The four of us- together

Thanks to Jason and Vanessa for the pictures.





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30 04 2011

Hi Kids, Life here has been both fantastic and frightening. Those puppets are a tad creepy. Thanks for your continued posts and virtual escapes for me. We believe spring has arrived for good. Summer vaction four full frantic weeks away. Stay well and safe.

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