What are your plans for the summer?

8 05 2011

Miguel and I have begun madly preparing for our summer trip through Central America with Pam and Brian.  Planning for a trip like this is turning out to be both torturous and enjoyable at the same time.  Torturous as in, we have a ton to prepare for and look up; enjoyable as in, soon we will be done preparing for this trip and we will actually be there!  We are both really looking forward to seeing our friends and having an adventure.  And, perhaps, taking some normal photos together…

Hamburglar and Grimmace

Pam, always hilarious! I miss her!

Almost as equally exciting as traveling through Central America this summer is our trip back home.  It has been almost 10 months since we have stepped on US soil, eaten Chipotle Burritos, and partaken in some good ole micro brewed beer.  We are headed back around the beginning of July and will spend a few weeks in Colorado enjoying our summer days in the mountains with friends and family.  Until then, we will make the most of the month we have left in Costa Rica and attempt to keep our minds in the now; although, I am already dreaming of the mountains and my family.


Crested Butte Mountains are poetic and beautiful. The stuff dreams are made of.




One response

8 05 2011

Excellent choice of photos. I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. I have begun training for our trek and the trip in general. I plan to make Central America my bitch 😉

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