Guatemala here we come!-and Nicaragua too

11 06 2011

Living in Costa Rica has allowed Vanessa and I to travel more than ever before. Or at least travel to places we never thought we would see. We have been to Panama and all over Costa Rica but today we leave to visit a place that has been on V and I’s checklist for a long time… Guatemala.


We will be meeting our friends Pam and Brian at the airport in Guatemala City. We will be traveling around Guatemala for just under 2 weeks and then we will head south to Nicaragua for another week and a half or so! I am super excited for this trip. We have had a lot of great adventures with Pam and Brian and this one will be one for the record books. We hope to blog every couple of days during the adventure, so if you would like to keep track of our adventure check back frequently or you can just subscribe by clicking where it says “CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE FLAMES WE LIGHT AND RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW POSTS BY EMAIL” there on the right——>. We might even persuade either P or B to add a little of their flavor to the blog. It’s going to be great! Look for pictures, video and, hopefully, great stories.

Or you can follow Brian and Pam’s blog too!




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