The Corn Islands…they were delicious

15 08 2011

Man oh man are we behind!

I think all of us were more than happy to leave Ometepe.  I am sure the place is wonderful, as I have heard many, many people rave about it but for me…not so much.  I was more than ready to go somewhere new.  That new place was the Corn Islands.  The Corn Islands are really just two islands, Big Corn and Little Corn; they are just of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Before our trip I had done a lot of research about all of our destinations…except Litte Corn.  Brian and Pam said that they really wanted to go there and had read that it was amazing, I guess that was enough for me.  I kind of left it up to everyone else to figure out the details and went along for the ride.

We flew from Managua to Big Corn, it only took about 2 hours.  Directly from the airport we caught a 2 minute taxi to the dock and from there took a terrifyingly wet and heart pumping boat ride to Little Corn.  I was impressed with the island.  Upon disembarking form the boat, which was packed with people, bags, chickens and everything else, I promptly noticed that there were a number of men awaiting our boat with wheel barrows…This struck me as odd, until I glanced around further and realized…this was their taxi/transportation system.  There are no roads on the entire island, just a simply footpath system to take you from one side of the island to the other.

We made our way to our hotel (Derrick’s Place).  It was nice enough.  The bungalows themselves were pretty sweet; thatch roof, nice porches, hammocks, chairs…but the downfall was there was not a running shower.  It was the old bucket and bowl system, which was pretty much the last thing any of us wanted at our final destination of the trip.  We made due and enjoyed our time on the island.

Highlights include: 1) Snorkeling and seeing sharks.  They were just nurse sharks and harmless but still super cool.  2)Eating fresh caught lobster.  The tail sitting on my plate as about the size of my forearm…and I have pretty large forearms.  3)Having some drunk guy continually yell “It’s Hammer Time” over and over because he wanted our snorkel boat to go look for Hammer Head sharks…but there was a huge storm coming and any intelligent person could tell that we needed to get off the water with a hurry.

That about wraps up our summer adventure…finally!  I am ready to blog about other things! -M

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