Holy Granada!

29 06 2011

Granada, Nicaragua is a place that we heard was cool with a great colonial vibe but we weren’t quite sure what to expect when we left the Tica Bus station with a vague idea of a hotel we might stay at, in an area we knew too little about.  

Some things that became immediately clear to all of us were: one, Nicaragua was much more flat and warm than Guatemala. It was a stark difference from the mountains and sweaters we were growing so fond of.  And it seemed that there was no pattern to the rain, as it rained on and off at random times.  

Our second collective observation was that Nicaraguans are some of the most friendly and helpful people we have ever encountered. This realization didn’t come until our taxi entered the Granada city limits. 

None of us had any idea where our “prospective” hotel was and neither did the driver. He immediately pulled into the first stop he could find, at which point, 4 other locals rushed the car to give directions and help him locate our hotel.  

He was still a little turned around when we got closer to the city so he pulled over and asked a man walking on the street. The man gave directions, and at the same time, another taxi pulled over and offered to drive in the direction of the hotel…after he quickly dropped off a fare a block away. Meanwhile, the man walking who helped us earlier, ran to catch up to us and, once again, showed us where to go. Moments like these were more common than not in Granada. 

People have been so helpful that I have at times felt defensive and worried that they want something from me, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nicaraguans are just kind individuals. 

While in Granada we took our time to settle in to a completely different climate than Guatemala and we took advantage of our slower schedule. We scheduled 2 full days in Granada to explore and enjoy each others company. 

On day one we walked around the town and got some good use out of our umbrellas. We toured the main drag and stopped into an internet cafe to quickly write a post and upload photos. Afterward, we ate a late lunch and decided to pick up the national Nicaraguan rum, Flor de Cana and Coke, of course. Then, we headed back to our hotel lounge to hang out, drink, and wait out the rain.  Once we finished the bottle, we headed out.  It should go without saying that the night was quite a bit crazier than the day and we gave Granada a good run. 

The next day we weren’t in much shape for doing anything and all the same, it was raining harder than we have seen the entire trip. Our minds were made up and after a late breakfast, we went back to the hotel to sleep off the hangover and the rain.

Our next stop would be the island of Ometepe, consisting of coffee farms, warm waters of lake Nicaragua, and 2 volcanoes! 



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